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  1. katie says:

    I have an eleven year old son who has Spinal Bidifa Occulta, ADHD a learning disability and ADHD. I had an appeals hearing in November 2012. I had notes from 4 specialist along with the school documentation supporting my son”s disability.
    She remarks on the stand: “I realize that children with Spinal Bifida lack the ability to know when to defecate on their own.”Then I inform her that my son cannot participate in physical sports because he has severe asthma.I get an unfavorable decision: She states that my son”s counselor over exaggerated his disability and stated that my son participates in physical sports even though I told her on the record that he could not. My son has been with the same counselor for seven years now.I had submitted over 905 pieces of evidence backing my claim.She seen my son for fifteen minutes. I guess she knows him better than I and his physicians. I wonder where these judges come from because they obviously do not pay attention to detail. I am at the federal level now waiting for a hearing date. I have been waiting for three years now. I have paid into the system all my life. My child should be able to receive what is due him. The whole process is disgusting.

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