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  1. Gary Mullis says:

    I had a telephone hearing before Administrative Laws Judge RYAN GLAZE at 1:30 PM on 1-19-2022 Appeal # 3-10516149086 Regarding dire dental need of implanys as a medically urgent need for My Cardiovascular risk of another Heart attack, as i had a double bi-pass open Heart surgery and My daily injection of insulin as well as My overall need for proper mastication of foods.I still havent heard results and all Phone numbers given Me via Judge Glaze are not working?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Judge Glaze’s statistics pretty much say it all. He tows the new agency line of keeping pay rates low regardless of the facts. He has ZERO compassion for the individuals who appear before him and treats them with disdain during their hearings. He appears to have already made up his mind prior to a hearing and then manipulates testimony to support his conclusions.

  3. John Wilder says:


    We are very pleased.

    John Wilder
    Strongsville, Ohio

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