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  1. Anonymous says:

    This judge is terrible. His decision has had my ptsd, depression and anxiety at full throttle more so than usual. I’ve missed typos and the autocorrect in previous posts. This judge doesn’t care about people’s disabilities, doesn’t care what you have to say, treats you like you’re not disabled and makes his illegal decisions based on your political affiliation and spie. He has his buddy Nicholas Fidanza testify against you, his staff lies to you constantly, they lie about emails between the 2 parties and disregard the facts of mental health professionals. They all need to be fired and charged for the lies under oath. Judge Johannes doesn’t allow you to state your case and doesn’t care about medical conditions. I was prescribed celexa and it also caused me terrible side effects along with health complications. He didn’t take any of the facts from that as truth and his people didn’t even help with it. It took me calling a Ms.Warren in Tallahassee to get an earlier hearing, which was no problem with her. When I got the earlier hearing it was curtains for me with this terrible excuse of a person. His staff lied that there were no sooner hearings and Ms.Warren proved they lied in getting me a new/earlier hearing back in September. This was a cut and dry case. Favorable and yet he ruled unfavorably out of politics and spite just to hurt me and make an already unbearable life worse…. I hear about people killing themselves because of this stuff. I am not one of them. But someone else will. Judges like this is the exact reason why we see things like parkland, ohio, el paso, Newtown and other instances of the like happen. When someone needs help and have legit problems this judge ignores the professional reports and has his friend testify against you. You are only allowed yes or no answers and aren’t allowed to state your case or cross examine the liar Nicholas Fidanza’s purjurous testimony. I had allsup to help and they did nothing to help. I did all their work and they expected to get paid.. So I fired them and went at this myself. The case I have is strong and a favorable ruling. But this judge is so drunk with power, he doesn’t give a Fuck about the facts. Just that what he says goes and that facts don’t matter in his bullshit ruling. He is a menace and deserves cancer and als for his ignorant ruling. Fuck this judge and Fuck the people he has working for him.. And especially Fuck Nicholas Fidanza. He knows nothing of my daily struggles and has no clue about mental health

  2. Anonymous says:

    This poor excuse for abhilan being had his friend testify against me, didn’t let me testify on my behalf, only allowed yes or no answers, denied me regardless of facts and denied me for being a registered Republican in Florida. He doesn’t deserve to be a judge, down at care about anything other than hurting someone who needs help and had a debilitating disability. He ignores mental health professionals and their recommending me for acceptance and is a total Fucking Nazi with his his drunk with power attitude. He decided to deny me to get his rocks off and nothing more. His denial is unjust and illegal. The testimony by Nicholas Fidanza was all lies and the decision should be overruled asap. When a judge doesn’t agree with the evidence he is presented, rules against legal reports in my favor and doesn’t give a Fuck about the help I need it the condition I have, he deserves to lose his seat, job and get ALS.. Fuck you judge Johannes and Fuck your illegal spiteful decision.. I don’t have 15-24 months to wait and I refuse to start all over again just because you’re an asshat that loves to hurt people. THE REPORTS DIDNT LIE AND YOU CAN BURN IN HELL FOR THIS, YOU FUCKING LOSER!!!!!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    This judge is NOT a mental health professional and doesn’t aknowledge the facts of such professionals. He is evil in his decisions and enjoys destroying someone in dire need of help. The reports don’t lie! 2 state psychologists and a mental health councilor say the opposite of this ignorant dickhead’s decision. He is a poor excuse of a judge and gives actual good ALI’s a bad name. Anyone with a half a brain, empathy and understanding would make a better decision than what this Fucking clown has made. These comments won’t stop until this asshat’s purjurous decision is overturned and found in the correct ruling towards me. His ruling is wrong and a retarded field mouse could do a better job in his seat. He doesn’t accept the evidence and rules the wrong way. The reports don’t lie, but this judge sure does. Fuck this loser! The civil courts will see it my way and I WILL sue him for the emotional damages he has caused. I hope that one day he needs these services and gets treated worse than his egotistical ass has treated me… He deserves to be blackflagged and charged for making a false ruling and a ruling out of spite & political affiliation. This guy is a joke and is clearly under qualified to make the proper decisions

  4. Anonymous says:

    I will not waver on exposing this ignorant and sadistic judge. He only allowed me to answer yes or no to the questions, was intimidating, lies about his findings and had Nicholas Fidanza testify aginst me. Nicholas Fidanza doesn’t know My struggles in life, yet had the balls to testify that I had nothing wrong with me. Fuck that clown! He knows nothing about me or what I deal with! He should be tried for perjury and charged for lying under oath. This judge doesn’t care what you have to say, asked if I had insurance.. The insurance I do have doesn’t have mental health (which means I can’t see a regular doctor), doesn’t help me with the tests I need to figure out the physical health problems I’ve been having and doesn’t cover therapy appointments. I’m a rare case where I can’t take pharmaceuticals because if I do, I will have a VERY bad reaction and Fucking die. But that doesn’t matter to the judge. I need better health coverage but can’t get it. This judge is a Fucking asshole that gets kickbacks for denials. The numbers on this judge are a lie. It is definitely 52% denial. Not approval!! This judges staff lied constantly and there were far too many coincidences to count. Lie after lie, I am sick of it. I asked for help and he denied it because he gets off on denying people in desperate need of help. He only used one report in his findings and non of the other reports that were written in my favor. I am without a home, a way to get treatment and having a nervous breakdown because of this piece of shit person and poor excuse of a judge. He only cares about democrats and illegals getting the world while someone with legit problems like myself, gets nothing for help. Matt Harrison lied about emails he received while I was in the phone with him, Mrs.Hall did the same thing. They all colluded together to conspire against me and this denial shows how much they respect my issues and the doctor their Fucking office sent me to see… AVP services wrote a favorable report and the judge disregarded said report. This ignorant Fuck has one of 2 options.. Reverse his bullshit ruling or be sued. The proof is all there in my favor. But he doesn’t care or like facts that I needed these services. All the proof of the lies have been documented the last few months. I will not stop until the ruling is overturned and my retroactive money is issued. I am right, he is wrong and loves hurting people. Not to mention, his office sends the cops to partake in a “well being check” when one isn’t needed. They do that So the cops kill us for sport. Talk about sick fucks that just want to get paid.

    Fuck you judge Johannes. I hope you get ALS, you poor excuse for a human!!!

  5. Anonymous says:

    I am now going to crusade against this so-called judge, Matt Harrison, Mrs.Hall, Nicholas Fidanza and anyone involved in this unethical ruling… They don’t care about people and the help they desperately need. They lie, play the victim after lying and then lie some more. I will keep posting about these unethical people. They are scUM and don’t care about evidence. The evidence is in my favor so there for I should be accepted and receive payments. Not be forced to wait 15-24 months at the appeals council level. They enjoy hurting people, sending the police to kill us and leave us homeless for the shear fact of feeling powerful. They are terrible humans and deserve to be treated as such.

    Fyi, you don’t go to trial if you’re a good person.. Only criminals have hearings like this. The proof is there and they denied me out of spite and made it personal. If anything I say is false, I would have a favorable decision… NOT this bullshit! Fuck you judge Johannes and your unethical ruling. In sure if you were a criminal court judge you would put innocent people behind bars because it gets you off.. Sick fuck

  6. Anonymous says:

    This judge doesn’t want me to get the back pay from the last year. That’s another reason why he denied me. Now an attorney I have spoken with says I should start all over from the beginning.. That is a lot of money to lose and I’ll have none when he gets me accepted because of his fees. Judge Johannes is a piece of shit and a horrible person. Typical Democrat that helps only his own and hurts people like me.. I hope karma fucks you in the worst way imaginable.

  7. Anonymous says:

    This so-called judge and his cronies are disgusting excuses for people. It’s my right to file a federal lawsuit for an unjust ruling. This is a personal attack on me as a person and this office has it out for me. They have made an already unbearable life of living with my condition even worse. They forced me to go to the appeals council just to make my life harder than it already is. I am at the beginnings of a nervous breakdown because of this. They ruled wrongly out of spite, political affiliation and their own powerhungry attitudes. They give illegals everything while us Americans who need this help are left to suffer. I will keep posting until this decision is overturned and dulled in my favor. Like any court of this land, the evidence that shows is not how the dishonorable judge ruled. He needs to be blackflagged and charged with contempt and made an example of in such fashion. Favorable paperwork from 3 mental health professionals states a favorable decision.. So to rule unfavorably is unethical, wrong and a poor excuse for human beings. I won’t go without a fight and I won’t waver until the false ruling is overturned.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Judge Johannes is a corrupt, unlawful and ignorant judge. I wasn’t allowed to state my own case, cross examine Mr.Fidanza or explain my problems. The hearing lasted a half hour tops, and I don’t even think it was that long. The only report this dishonorable judge used was that of a doctor who made the session political. Sean channel is a Democrat that didn’t like that I said I would hypothetically vote for trump in “16”. The dishonorable judge mentioned said report by quack Channel and disregarded the three reports by not only 2 state doctors used by disability services but also my councillor I have been attending. This judge is crooked, corrupt, dishonest, evil and doesn’t care about people with disabilities. He made his decision political as I am a registered Republican. I waited over a year to be denied and lies to by his office. I called the head of hearing operations in Tallahassee to get a sooner hearing and not 2 hours later, I got a call back about a sooner hearing. I don’t believe in coincidence and this was no coincidence that she got me a new and sooner hearing. I was constantly lied to, treated like I don’t have a disability, treated like a criminal and treated like I’m financially well off with no need for the help. The insurance I have spent cover mental health, I can’t pay for a doctor for such services and they acted as if I don’t need any of this help.. The proof is there for me to need these services and his dishonor is a hack. He doesn’t deserve to make these kinds of decisions. The 52% approval is a blatant lie. This judge wanted me to get a lawyer and denied me because of not having one to represent me too top it off… I don’t deserve to be treated like a second rate citizen for needing help. I don’t deserve to be treated like a scam artist when I have legit problems that need help. These people deserve to lose their jobs and NEVER practice administrative law ever again. They should be tried for purjury and treated like the criminals they truly are. I have been targeted and denied out of spite. These post will keep going until the wrongful decision is overturned and I am awarded what the hell I need for help.

    People like this deny vets that need help and this is why people like that kill themselves. I’m not saying I’m one to do that. But I am saying this is why people commit suicide after getting denied the help they desperately need.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Judge Ryan Johannes has a civil suit coming. I was on disability prior to his unfavorable decision. The factors that I presented are in my favor. One of which was a state doctor dds sent me to back in April. This poor excuse for a judge runs a kangaroo court, didn’t care to hear anything from my side and had a vocational hack by the name of Nicholas fidanza testify against me. Mr.Fidanza down at know me from a hole in the wall and had no right to say what I am able to do. He doesn’t know My daily struggles with Ptsd and the paperwork doesn’t lie. I was forced to the appeals council out of spit and political targeting. I will be going to the news next. I have spoken with my state rep. and filed a complaint against the ft.Myers hearing office with the inspector General’s office. The only way for me to not file a suit is to reverse this egregious and evil decision.

    My advice for anyone whom gets this dishonorable judge; request a different judge that will listen to you and actually take in to consideration the 3 professionals that wrote reports in your favor. Be wary of Nicholas Fidanza. He is the judge’s crony in denying people. Be wary of the liars Matt Harrison and Mrs.Hall, for they lie about everything and also have a hand in this political targeting.

    Mrs.Hall sent the cops to do a “well being check” when one wasn’t needed when she knows these Nazis with badges just shoot and kill folks with mental problems like what I have.

    Worst office, people and treatment I have ever experienced.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Be careful of this judge. If you are applying for disability, ask for a different judge. He denied my claim for ptsd, anxiety and depression. There were 3 reports of which were favorable to my condition. Judge Johannes denied my claim out of spite and political affiliation. This judge and his office are not to be trusted. Like I stated before; 3 reports state that I am in need of services and this horrible judge denied me

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