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  1. arla Caetano says:

    Anonymous dated November 3rd 2019 that’s my birthday November 3rd anyway I see you haven’t been back since then I guess you finally grew up or found that you cannot get over on the system you need to work for a little while and like I said you sound very very angry because you can’t get anything for free you even mentioned it in your post you could have had a whole chunk of money it’s not all about the chunk of money it’s about the quality of life and until you’ve worked hard like myself and the judge to get where he’s at shut up

  2. Carla Caetano says:

    I don’t know who this person .. is that leaving illegal comment dated Oct 2019 got denied by Judge Johannes however.. evidently your records were not in order.number one you don’t correct situations by going off like you did about this judge. Sounds like to me with your profile you want something for nothing. You don’t want to work. You threaten this judge and you definitely have a case of “defamation of character coming if the judge Johannes decided to act. He could legally nail you to the cross legally for all of your allegations. I am retired combat veteran I worked 33 yrs and have been disabled for 12 yrs.. Can’t wirk… I am having a difficult time so what would make u think you are any different. The Judge Johannes is a fair J u dge… you are just not a very happy civilian or.person in life. You better apologize to him. I can’t nelieve the illegal posts on the anonymous reviews. Why anynomonmous. You said you were taking him to court and you should know the defendent has the right to know their accuser….I just had my hearing on 7 july 930 a.m. 2021 and I m waiting for a decision also..however if Judge Johannes deems my case not approved then so be it.. I’m not going to blame him… but I’m not going to blame him if I don’t meet the requirements IAW SSA Title II. Then I don’t meet them..I don’t blame HIM for goodness sakes grow up get a job. I worked33yrs straight 21 in army rest for army and airforce wasn’t frigging easy.. SHAME ON YOU cussing and threatening a judge because you weren’t correct.i don’t want to rain on your parade but he is a Republican.. if you did your research you would know this… better think twice before threatening a well educated phenomenal smart judge Jonathan Johannes. And if ibwere you I would remove those negative posts…. and get educated. The Judges know his/her jobs….you don’t! Het a job!! Quit trying to blame and work the system. Put all of that negative energy into something positive why don’t cha!

  3. Jennifer R. says:

    I loved Judge Ryan Johannes. He absolutely rules on law, using the criteria given him, as well as the medical records ON FILE. Less so the testimony of what you say is wrong with you. It needs to be in your medical record because without it, the case can be remanded by the Appeals council AFTER the ruling. My case was found fully favorable at the initial hearing. As well, Nicholas Fidanza was accurate in the assessment. Whoever wrote 15 horrible comments above me (Oct – Nov 2019) is just angry and should not be posting based on the ruling, but understand how the Federal law / systems works, and work with it.

  4. Anonymous says:

    The facts don’t lie, the medical records don’t lie and the evidence of my condition doesn’t lie. This judge is NOT a neutral party. His VE is NOT a neutral party.. If the VE were a neutral party he would not have testified against me. I have been singles out and targeted for political reasons. If I still lived in Massachusetts, I would have had the help I’ve begged for months ago. This judge doesn’t care about facts. Only what he thinks and says is final. I have been forced to an appeals council of which is a waste of time and money. This unfavorable decision was made to hurt me even more than what I already am. Yet again; the medical evidence and doctors reports don’t lie and are indeed reported in my favor. But to this judge, none of that matters.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Because of this horrid judges decision, my health has become subpar. So I will be writing a letter naming those involved in this politically charged decision. When I die from complications my family will have a lawsuit against this over paid asshat, his lying VE, Mrs.Hall and Matt Harrison. Had he ruled in my favor (of which he should have) there would be no issue and I wouldn’t be posting here numerous times a day. This decision is not only wrong but unethical. This judge had his decision made before the hearing even happened. He conspired with Nicholas Fidanza to ruin an already broken and ruined man. I am in need of these services and this judge didn’t give a Fuck about real facts presented. I will not apologize for having a hearing on his many days off.. He and the aforementioned people are all over paid and do little to no work. They make decisions off of political affiliation and these won’t stop until I die from the health complications He has made worse. Fuck you Johannes and Fuck all of you involved in this wrongful and spiteful decision.

  6. Anonymous says:

    This judge and his VE are total Nazis. They don’t care about facts that doctors report on, they don’t care about people’s conditions and don’t care weather we actually need the help we are asking for. This judge has made my life a living hell since the hearing. The health insurance I have doesn’t cover much at all, so the insurance that comes with disability would be the extra help I desperately need. I need 2 mras; one on my carotid artery and another on my cerebral artery. 2 cat scans of my brain, one with and one without contrast. My health and mental health need the help I asked for and I did not get the favorable decision of which should have been made. This judge should have ruled correctly and not out of spite and enjoyment. My life is already in shambles and I can’t even see the doctors I need to because I don’t have any money. I have been treated poorly by this judge and his office. How can a judge this evil sleep at night knowing he denied someone with legit issues that warrant a favorable decision. He abuses his power and Nicholas Fidanza does the same. Mr.Fidanza has no clue as to what I deal with and yet he testified against me acting as if he knows me and my struggles daily. Now I am forced to start all over again and to have a large lawyers Bill to add on to the extra stress.. After a year of waiting I would have had a nice retro check and now I have nothing. I was on disability before and have been made aware that it’s easier to get back on than to orginally get accepted. This was much harder than my original claim years ago. They are doing this out of spite and personal attacking my disability. These people are fucking nazis, liars and evil.

    A legit victim of the dishonorable Johannes

  7. Anonymous says:

    Judge Johannes is not a doctor or specialist in the field. He is a judge that ruled against doctors findings and rules out of spite, politics and shear ignorance. He does not deserve to make decisions for people with disabilities. He is a loser, hack and an asshole for making the wrong decision.. He made this decision just to make my tough life even tougher. He gets off on these decisions and should be tried for perjury… Fuck this clown

  8. Anonymous says:

    These posts will not stop until I get the true ruling and nothing more. The ruling is indeed to be favorable and nothing more.. Until then, I shall keep posting against this poor excuse for a human being.

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