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  1. Thomas Sanders says:

    Looked at my appeal told me to send medical bills I did 23k worth he never even looked at them and denied my appeal says I owe 22k back.i am suppose to pay it back how? The US social security disability insurance is a farce. The judge is like all the rest of social security disability terrible people. I’m still sick still disabled but they don’t care.
    This was not my illness or injury this is I made 1k to much in a part time job. They are all unprofessional idiots

  2. Mike walker says:

    Very respectful and a man of compassion and integrity

  3. Relieved One says:

    Judge Kirzner is a direct and no nonsense ALJ. He was professional and thorough during his line of questioning during my SSDI Hearing. Following his lead made it less challenging for me to answer his questions because his questions were clear and direct. One could not make any assumptions about what decision he would make because of his professionalism and thoroughness during the hearing. I am unsure of what the outcome may be but I can honestly say that Judge Kirzner’s professionalism and experience lessened some of my anxiety about what the next step is. I can honestly say that if I’m denied I received a fair hearing.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Very nice and made me feel very comfortable. Was very knowledgeable in what he was doing.

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