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  1. Anonymous says:

    No stars….
    Judge Murray made his decision for my case which was UNFAVORABLE based on HIS observation. All the medical evidence was there , but just like the other two times I was denied before appealing it to a judge, Social Security puts their opinions and omits or adds information, along with his OBSERVATIONS so you are guaranteed to lose, whether or not if you have a lawyer, which I did. Alot of good it did if this Judge abuses his power and makes decisions based on OBSERVATIONS. One example in my decision was I looked well groomed , so with that OBSERVATION, that made it look like I was able to care for myself. Really? So be aware, go rip your clothes up, put dirt all over your face, your toes sticking out of your shoes, three canes and you have a much higher chance of approval because you don’t look groomed, based on HIS OBSERVATIONS!! There were other comments in my denial that are an observation based on what he saw at the hearing.
    I don’t put it past that these S.S clerks have pre-signed forms from these judges and twist and turn the info so you get screwed over and LOSE! If I could have continued to work , why would I have foreclosed on my house and filed bankruptcy! Because I couldn’t work!! I am not some bum trying to abuse the system. Now, I don’t know what I am going to do now. File the appeal? Another appeal? For what? So it goes to another person in the main S.S office to be denied, again. The system is very flawed… And the vocational “expert” … there are some GREAT jobs out there that they say you can do and basically should have no problem finding and making a living off of. Ridiculous!! If that’s the case go tell me where the jobs are LOCALLY!! , not NATIONWIDE! I don’t care what amount of jobs are available NATIONWIDE if they aren’t available locally, and please tell me what they pay. No way you can make a living off the jobs THEY say are available and that THEY say you could do..But they are experts, what do i know…….

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