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  1. Joshua Milow Gould says:

    Forgot to change the stats. Wish we could Gould go negative

  2. Joshua Milow Gould says:

    She fucking denied me again. With both mental health and physical health issues that stop me from leaving the fucking house, let alone work. So here’s a rating for you. Because of this woman’s decision I can’t support my family. I can’t work and now can’t get SSI. Do I’m done. The best I can do for my family now is die. This is on your hands pines.

  3. Joshua Milow Gould says:

    I wish she would make her decision. Family is about to lose everything we’ve worked for including just not being homeless. I really need to know what’s up.

  4. No One says:

    Judge pines is a man

  5. David B. says:

    Judge Pine was very attentive to my disability. She was fair and impartial, listened to my attorney and me. She returned a full favorable going back 7 years.

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