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  1. A Lawyer Whoknows says:

    Sabrina Tilley is an ignorant bitch. ALJ’s are officious bureaucrats, most of whom couldn’t survive as private attorneys and have never tried real lawsuits. Sabrina is a bottom of the barrel hack and an embarrassment.

  2. Anonymous says:

    i wonder how many suicides there have been after her unfair ruling regarding a mental disability! Not sure which was worse, her or the lawyer, Shawn Taylor. Don’t even think of hiring him! He does nothing in regards to preparing you for your hearing and, it’s nearly impossible to get ahold of him through the phone!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Judge Tilley is not a fair judge at all. I don’t know why she denies medical opinions or twists testimony. She takes bits and pieces of your testimony out of context of the whole statement. She stated that the voc. rehab. Lady said I could do three jobs. That is a lie. Tilley shot down two of the three jobs herself, and my lawyer got her ( the rehab lady ) to agree I could not do the third. She used against me that I went to church twice a week. The whole statement was that I did go twice a week but had to leave when crowds gathered because of anxiety. This judge just picks and chooses who she wants to give disability to. She said there was only an x ray that showed normal findings, but did not include the MRI that showed significant damage. She picks what suits her argument to turn you down. My attorney was in total shock and is appealing the ruling.

  4. Anonymous says:

    It is my opinion that the administrative law judges for the SSA are not always, if at all, neutral in the decisions they make on disability claims. It would appear, from what I have found out, that if you want to be approved to receive your disability, you cannot be an honestly disabled person who used to be a full-time, hard-working employee! You have to be an alcoholic, drug addict or a very talented actor!
    It is my opinion that they make their decisions with prejudice, and they, depending on which law judge you get, do not always consider the opinions of the medical professionals, or the rehabilitation counselors! I believe that they look at a claimant and if they look healthy and able to work, they totally disregard the medical and/or mental opinions given to SSA! Just because a claimant looks healthy and able to work does not mean anything, because they could be living with constant and chronic pain every day of their lives. I do not believe, from what I know of Ms. Tilley, that she gives fair assessment to the medical opinions and assessments of professionals! I’m wondering what is her reasoning for her negative decisions?
    I’m not giving my name because my son is totally disabled from his neck down to his toes from injuries, surgeries and birth defects, but was recently denied benefits because he, in her opinion, could do a job sitting down, even though the rehab counselor said “no” to that question when she put the question to him! I feel that she had no legal standing to overrule his professional opinion, as well as all of the recommendations made to SSA by his medical doctors! I wonder how many other times she has made wrong decisions like this one, and why?

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