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  1. David Lillesand, Esq. says:

    The 30% figure of cases approved is totally misleading. Judge Bowman-Davis has been the chief judge. I believe that the large number of dismissals results from her reviewing cases before they are assigned to a hearing judge, so that individuals who filed their Request for Hearing past the deadline, and without good cause, were dismissed early and can then re-file the claim. This is an improvement over prior practice where you would wait a year or more to have a hearing, only to find out that the assigned hearing judge dismissed the case. Note that of the cases she did hear, she approved 145 and denied 32. That, to me, sounds more correct. She is always prepared, respectful of claimants and attorneys, and calls them as she sees them without trying to be the advocate for the administration. To me a good judge is one who lets you present your case, then makes a decision based on the facts, even if it is against you. She is a good judge – and a very nice and polite at the same time.

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