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  1. Anonymous says:




  2. Anonymous says:

    She made false claims of no proof of disability when all of my records were brought to my trial, all records shown by my attorney.

  3. e says:

    All the Above !! she don’t give a ****. lol

  4. Anonymous says:

    unbelievably unfair, unprofessional, heartless person. People you are so correct that she should absolutely not given a power to decide peoples cases as seems like she has no clue what she is doing. i really do not want to use big words all i do is i pray to God for justice.

  5. Cia says:

    Sally Reason should not be titled as a Judge. She is a person that knows how to LIE and keep a straight face. I know that she had very low approval from 124 disposition in 2013 and the reason is because she has become comfortable in here job by getting away with her LIES. In my case since June 1,2011 she has ignored my doctors notes that I have SEVERE injury to my neck w/ medical proof of X-Ray Cervical Spine and she writes in her last Denied letter that no Doctors had mentioned that my injury was “SEVERE” and that is a LIE in black & white. She also LIES about me in her Denied letter that I go shopping few times a day, lift heavy items, doing laundry, cleaning at my life testimony and those are bunch of LIES, I told her that my 2 children are helping me with those items, also she asked me about cooking at home but I told her that we use convinience food such as take out or TV meals but she wrote in the Denial letter that I do cooking and that is Just Pure LIES. Sally Reason has no fear of LYING because there is no that could check her work, therefore each one us should file a complaint with DQS and let them know about this ALJ.
    (Division of Quality Service)
    One Skyline Tower
    5107 Leesburg Pike Suite 1605
    Falls Church, VA 22041
    Sally Reason don’t realize that for many of us this is the only income we have in my case as a single dad at age 61.

  6. David Williams says:

    This decision to dismiss, ignorant of Federal regulation, Claimants rights, lacking authority, guilty of error of law, unfairness, bias, discrimination and faulty procedures created an unwarranted delay in this claimants right to due process resulting in erroneous deprivation of entitlement to disability payments. It is unfair to offer the disabled relief in a waiver of appearance and then dismiss due to failure to appear. I also feel discriminated against as a member of a protected class of disabled citizens by this apparent policy of ignorance of the waiver of appearance. Taxpayer money was wasted by ordering a Vocational Expert to testify despite overwhelming favorable evidence, advanced age and the stated intention of the claimant not to appear at the hearing and with the creation of additional workload on other SSA divisions in having to respond to the allegations contained in this request. This claimant becomes complainant and wishes to file this communication as a complaint to the Division of Quality Service to investigate this matter as a potential pattern of error of law, bias, discrimination, improper procedure and unfairness resulting in a waste of money, an adversarial atmosphere, subversion of due process, erosion of the public trust and confidence in the administrative hearing process as conducted by this ALJ.

  7. Still Struggling says:

    ALJ Reason denied my claim, and reading the unfavorable decision letter, it’s shocking how much she cherry-picked the information, ignored my long-time treating physician’s opinion for two doctors that I had never met, and disregarded the VE testimony. Easy to see why her denial rate is so high.

  8. Anonymous says:

    One of the toughest ALJs in California and all the West. As a SSD lawyer, I have seen most of the ALJs west of the Mississippi. She is probably the toughest.

    It is not just that her approval rate is low. She just makes it difficult for attorneys. Everything is a leading question to this ALJ. She comes off as fairly nice with a distinct Southern drawl. But she will absolutely make ridiculous decisions. Files need to be well developed to win with her. Funny that she is the chief ALJ in West LA.

    I would not say evil person like the above comment. But definitely not friendly. And more importantly, not claimant friendly at all.

  9. Anonymous says:

    A very evil person.

  10. Sally Jones says:

    This judge, Sally Reason, is the most unprofessional, crass, cruel, **** of a MORON I have ever had the MISFORTUNE to come across in my life.

    She must be the most miserable person I have EVER met, and enjoys, clearly, taking out her misery on others by using her dictatorial control over people who are SICK and WEAK.

    She is HORRIBLE and has NO HEART to speak of.

    I hope she gets SICK and dies a LONG, HORRIBLE death with an illness no doctor can ever figure out and doesn’t believe her, the way she doesn’t believe any patients who come in, out of sheer desperation, against every fiber of their being, against their pride, who have never done anything but GIVE their entire lives but, because of a stroke of bad luck, they are now desperate and truly alone, and NEED help. I have a letter from my psychiatrist, which I am positive she never read, warning her of the high risk of lethality of my situation (I have already attempted suicide, SERIOUSLY, and ONLY survived by the grace of God, unfortunately, because I am in horrible, chronic, intractable pain and don’t have a dime to my name. If healthy, I can work and make a pretty penny. But I CAN NOT WORK. She so much as called me a liar when I asked why, when my psychiatrist was insistent he be there as my witness, that – not only could he NOT come, but he would be turned away and it would jeopardize my hearing. She said she did not believe me and asked for names. I gave her 3. She said she did not believe me. This woman should be removed from the bench. She is a menace and just a ROTTEN human being. I hope she suffers a long, PAINFUL illness, and no one will help her. **** HER.

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