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  1. Sally No Reasons says:

    Judge Sally Reason is a complete fucking bitch!!!!! All around BITCH!!! Heartless bitch!!!! Bitch bitch bitch!!!!!!!

  2. Karen's daughter Kristen bedrosian says:

    Please call Jamie Morris and Todd Spitzer re Kristen Bedrosian asap (714)834-3600 I don’t know 1(877)386 0643I asked the district attorney’s office to request this but I guess it would be more appropriate for me to ask you this is for payment information and the phone number to call is area code 410-965-0365 once again I’m kind of almost being harassed and it’s due to my disability so disregard any recent arrests they say for Social Security prefixes you call that number or this one 410-966-2208 my mom’s social prefix is 569 mine is 572 regarding the payment should I and if I do acquire one will you be willing to accept an executive order on my claim sorry I don’t have Jamie Morris phone numberI hope your Monday goes better than most people’s Friday thank you Miss reason just so you know tomorrow night there’s a big block party going on at Union station the LAPD starting and I will be there and I don’t have anyone to hang out with so I would like to be surrounded by judges or three-headed king cobras because those to protect her majesty in India

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