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  1. Anonymous says:

    In 2007, my ME did not have time to read my medical records, did not believe a word I had said, and stopped my W.Comp from that day forward. In 2010, one day prior to my hearing with Judge Sanya Hill Maxion, I knelt for the 2nd time ever in my life at home, and prayed to God and Jesus above, to please let my SSDI judge be a human being, be kind, caring, and loving, and be someone who would give me the judgment that HE would give to me. Whatever it would be, I would accept it. I knew in my heart that HE knew that I was truly injured and could not continue to work. The moment I entered the hearing room and saw Judge Sanya Hill Maxion, I saw the love on her face. If God was a woman, she was Him. And my Allsup representative was my guardian angel. When I go home, I cried and cried with gratefulness. I used to know OF God, but now KNOW Him. He IS love. Thank you God, and thank you, Judge Sanya Hill Maxion, and my Allsup guardian angel!

  2. Anonymous says:

    1 of the top 2 judges in the Oakland ODAR. If you lose with her, then you have no case, essentially. She will ask reps to expand on any arguments they make with specific references to law, regs, rulings, or the evidence, before she considers them. Judge Hill-Maxion will give you a lot of leeway to develop cases post-hearing, to clarify negative issues, and if an ME says a listing, she’ll end the hearing very quick to grant.

  3. batchan says:

    i would like my case reviewed by judge sanya hill maxion, not judge lavendor, any more he’s is always appointed as judge in my cases, why is these appeals called a case any how? or give me judge william jr., these judges has the lowest denied rate and dismissles. i have surely not been judged as a person with behavorial issues. thank you

  4. sanja hill-maxion says:

    I had my hearing yesterday . Everything wentwell. even t mess with my anxiety. attacks .. crying . T
    it went well. I hope for the best

  5. Michael Booker says:

    A very fair and understanding ALJ who knows the law and ensures that the “right” things happen. That’s very important because of the waiting time to get Social Security. It was a pleasure to go before her, regardless of her ruling.

  6. Anonymous says:

    The 2nd best ALJ in Oakland. She has a relaxed and kind personality. She will listen to what your are saying. However, you still will need have favorable MD opinions that are supported by objective medical records/testing

  7. Anonymous says:

    Pleasant, smart and compassionate.

  8. Anonymous says:

    A pleasure to appear before, and gave us a great ruling.

  9. Cary S says:

    One of the best judges I have ever appeared before.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Although, I do not know the outcome of my hearing just yet, I must say this Judge made my hearing so easy, so stress free. Very pleasant, and I felt very fair. Sweet, seemed to care.

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