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  1. Ricky Fells says:

    I am currently waiting for the decision of Mrs. Hill-Maxion. I could tell she cared and she seemed to honestly think about my situation and case. She thanked me for being a vet and thought what I did was a good deed. I donated my kidney to my marine corps brothers dad and now suffer from complications from the surgery. I wish I could work but I can’t. Lord I pray she understands that and realizes my family and I are struggling and need her approval.

  2. Stephanie says:

    She was a very nice judge. Her compassion made it easier and less nerve racking for me. Think the hearing went in my favor today. Thank you judge for making the process stress free.

  3. Jawad a Rashid says:

    On 6/22/17 I had hearing before an ALJ. I have no words to explain how She is an outstanding kind judge to appear before like an Angel may God the most high bless her forever and give her the best of her life….
    Thanks for your kind generasity…..

  4. Raj says:

    She is very nice and lovable person.She is a best judge. God bless her always.

  5. Anonymous says:

    A very nice, compassionate judge. Goes out of her way to make claimants and attorneys welcome and comfortable with the process. Very fair and thorough questioning. If the evidence is not there, you will probably not prevail, but I can tell by her demeanor that everyone who appears before her is treated with kindness and respect.

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