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  1. Irena says:

    Excellent experience with this judge

  2. Jonathan Myers says:

    I was so thankful when my attorney gave me the news before my hearing that my ALJ was someone “very measured, very fair.” I mean, who wouldn’t want their hearing judge to be measured & fair? Sara Gillis turned out to be that & more! And while I haven’t yet received a decision in my case, I wanted to post this, if for no other reason than to ease someone’s fears. The unknown can be the hardest part of the whole appeal process, and I’m thankful that Sara Gillis was my hearing judge.

  3. Radu Nica says:

    There are so many nice things I can say about juge Sara A Gillis . Im blessed that I mywelf also have had a great remarkable judge that took me from a sight that I didnt see a hope She is a great blessing in my life and my family.I want to thank her for believing in me. For know I can see the sight. Thank you Sara A. Gillis.

  4. Angelo Millican says:

    Very nice and patient judge I was really blessed to have gotten a really great attorney and judge God is good all the time.

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