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  1. Keeli Araque says:

    It took me three years and a lot of my own energy and work due to slack on my attorneys part to get my SSDI approved. Judge sarah Cyrus is my heroine because she pointed out to me that my attorney’s had been “waiting” my case out for max payment. Due to their negligence I’m sorry to say I will be losing my left lower leg. But judge Cyrus personally set up my SSA appt and expedited my insurance so I could finnaly get the help I deserved. If I could take to dinner anyone in the world, dead or alive, I would choose judge Cyrus because decent people are scarce. Thank you for your service you give me hope that there are people out there that care.

  2. Shawn snow says:

    This judge was great she actually listened to what I had to say and actually made her decision from what was in the medical record and what my dr had said.I had a previous hearing with a different judge who was very combative and just went by the ss a examiner’s who never met me. She wrote she didn’t believe my dr or what was in the medical record. Thank you judge Cyrus you have made a huge difference

  3. Jeffrey Manners says:

    When you get your decision, if denied first of all appeal but more importantly read thoroughly. I had this judge and got denied. There were many discrepancies, lies and fabrications concerning my medical records.

  4. Tammy Cox says:

    Hard to say. Seems sweet. Just waiting for decision is a killer. Seem to be getting worse

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