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  1. Hamida Jones says:

    I shot myself in the head. I have double. I’m bipolar. I have anxiety, seizures, ptsd and panic attacks and I was denied. I worked for the government for nine years. My son and I are homeless.I don’t think the judge even heard anything my counsel or I said.
    Hopefully, the appeals counsel will approve me.

  2. stephanie Coda says:

    I’ve never been so insulted and have myself and my adult disabled son so ignored. She lied about where and how my son was supposed to be evaluated for his ongoing mental illness since birth and she used a report from some psychologist from 5 yrs ago and the man met with my son for 15 minutes asked him to spell his name then talked about a TV show then he determined my son showed no ongoing mental health issues. 2days before he was banging his head on Mercy Behavioral Healths windows because he felt lied to. She promised a thorough evaluation by another place because all my sons doctors say he’s unemployable and severely bi-polar. I never got a hearing date let alone a court date even though I called and called to get an address for this different evaluation. she didn’t take any reports from Mercy Behavioral Health doctors and said that he could be a successful “laundry worker” if need be. She wouldn’t let me talk because we went through two lawyers who won’t help him. She failed my son. I’ve been supporting him on my disability check ,since I’m Bi-polar too, and could care less that his life and mine have been torturous because it’s not her problem.

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