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  1. Joanne says:

    My Lawyer intends to get her disbarred. I hope to make our Hearing, available to the public in court! She’s had her hay day! Bye Bye, evil one.

  2. Joanne says:

    Absolute worst judge ever. Everything above is accurate, to how she conducts herself. I had to hire an Administrator for $14,000; to correct her mistakes. She needs to go and they need to disbar her, before she causes any more harm or suicides.

  3. Wayne says:

    I am waiting on Judge Zimmerman’s decision still, it’s been in Post Hearing stage for some time now”around 7-8months now”and I make contact with her office I am told that she hasn’t made a decision yet.I been waiting over 1 year going back and forth,waiting on a decision.I hope my claim is approved soon ,I deserve it .

  4. Approved says:

    Thanks judge Zimmerman for approving my disability I would be homeless with no income if I was not approved. I am very grateful and recurved my 18,000 thousand dollars in retroactive in one lump sum it was life changing.

  5. Concerned For Others says:

    This woman denied my husband who had mental disorders, she said because of his prior drug use he was not eligible to receive the benefits that he needed, even though his own doctor said he cannot work. He literally could not hold a job down and this was his last hope.. he talked to me many times about this. My husband hung himself in the garage at our house last year, almost exactly one month after his denial. Mental illness is very real, and people who have a past drug history are still people. He had his struggles, but he was a good man with a big heart. We need to realize these are people’s lives… this is just a decision to this woman, to the people she judges, this sometimes means much more than she will ever understand. May God have mercy on her soul.

  6. AnotherScrewedbyJudge,JuryEXECUTIONER says:

    All the above is 100% accurate Executioner Zimmerman is a lieing dirty dog. Denies knowing disabled blames providers uses prior to disability on DENIAL. Has a bad habit of saying Doctors diagnose disability on clients word. HOW MUCH OF A DUMBC__T is she? Needs to be disbarred and removed from the bench immediately I believe her sole purpose is to screw people out of their SSDI then after multiple appeals and applications to walk it to them with that woppin 700 a month . F.H she needs to be defunded

  7. Unjustly denied says:

    If u were one of the unlucky ones to get this judge ,u might as well prepare to appeal.Her record stands for itself…the hardest in the nation! She denied me for copd 3 along with a list of other debilitating illnesses…at 55 . Within a month of her denial was diagnosed as inoperable lung cancer ..go figure.

  8. Anonymous says:

    The other statements are 100% accurate. Each time she asked a question of me and I tried to answer to the best of my ability she interrupted, cut me off, and say something to the affect of “we won’t have time to finish if you don’t hurry up.” She did this once while explaining something and I had to start back and she accused me of lying, although the transcription clearly told the truth. She falsely said conditions were better, when not. She said that my doctors statement was inconsistent with the record because 3 years prior I’d reported differently, yet it’s a continually worsening condition. Every single thing about the decision is factually incorrect, except for her mentioning conditions which I acknowledge were not severe. She was hostile, inconsiderate of my emotional state after feeling badgered. My lawyer, and even the SSA’s hired labor export were shocked at my treatment. Bot counting the birth of my children I didn’t miss a single day in 8 years until my health issues started, and then I tried to continue working for 5 years before accepting my disabilities as permanent. It’s disgusting.

  9. One Wronged Disabled Human!! says:

    I am one of the unfortunate ones who got this judge. She had the audacity to say that I am ‘alleging’ my health issues when in fact I have been officially diagnosed for at least 9 years! Blatantly lying on official court papers is wrong!

  10. Anonymous says:

    This judge, and I use that term loosely, has no business hearing disability cases. She does everything in her power to deny benefits, including utilizing unfair and unbecoming collateral impeachment techniques, prejudging the case, according administrative non-examiners more credibility than treating specialists, playing with the exertion levels in an attempt to reclassify sedentary work as light, etc. She is totally lacking in compassion, insight, judgment and is one of the least objective judges ever to wear the robes. And don’t let the approval rate fool you, when you correct for partially favorable decisions, her fully favorable win rate drops to 18%, one of the lowest in the State of Michigan. Her hearing room should have a sign that states, “Abandon hope all ye who enter.”

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