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  1. Anonymous says:

    Good luck, I won my case with Judge Scott Tews presiding and never got anything but SSI which is better than nothing I was getting through SSD after being told I had it by the staff @ the SS Administration, I guess the system is bogged down from being robbed by politicians and people that never deserved to draw it so if you’re a real American born citizen with long running healthy problems, Get in the elevator cause your probably gonna get the shaft.
    Judge Tews told me he was giving it to me but something went wrong and I actually get $224 out of $780 a month on SSI after ?? deductions ?? How the heck can you deduct from $780 and live? You can’t without help thank God for family and friends.
    I would love to give a high rating because he was nice and seemed understanding but lied to me I didn’t get SSD.

  2. Gretchen Lang says:

    My hearing is over, and told my Disability was approved by the judge and my lawyer, I called ODAR today I was told its on the judges desk waiting to be approved. Confused, I called lawyer today and am now waiting for a call back. I would like an explanation by them.

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