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  1. Na says:

    He is a joke ! Such a joke !

  2. Dennis says:

    I wish there was a way to contact the office there. The judge approved my disability as fully favorable but didn’t approve of the attorney fee agreement with good reason. The thing is, its been a year now and SSA is still withholding 25% of the backpay and NOBODY can tell me the status? I would love to know what the hold up is. The Judge was fast to approve me for disability but it just seems that a year is a long time to approve or deny payment to the attorney or not. Thanks.

  3. Dennis says:

    So far, this Judge seemed to actually care. March 16th he did my hearing at 12 noon….just a few days later I was told, “Fully Favorable”! I hope I get to do a better review but wanted to throw in my 1cent worth…lol

  4. Peter j conger says:

    Judge Firestone is a assume person not just a judge he took time to talk to me he understood everything that i was going through in my life..i was at my worst didn’t know whether to go on living or die he must have felt my pain..his compassion n kindness gave me hope again..he truly gave my life back to me..thank you judge Firestone..GOD BLESS YOU ALWAYS

  5. Jeffrey W. Boyle says:

    Don’t kid yourself, Jason! He would have moved your case back three times anyway, because he can’t handle most situations, either.

  6. Jeffrey W. Boyle says:

    Well i had entirely different treatment from this ‘person’ and can not publish my true feelings publicly. I am however in contact with intelligent organizations and superiors who will take the time to review the lack of integrity, honesty, and competence required for his position, and if I had my way, would like nothing better than to see him removed from what is clearly a job that is well above his capabilities.

  7. Jason Rosario says:

    You R O C K in the USA!

  8. Jason P Rosario says:

    Sir Judge Scott C Firestone is truly amazeing.Hes compatioante and careing.He didnt have to but did infact move back my court case three times.cause im unable to handle most sittuations myself.and only have my mom to help me,And she has her own problems and mental health problems.Hes truly awsome.

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