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  1. Charles Walsh says:

    Also the jobs he stated that are available for me to do light work are not available where I live. So I would have to drive an hour and a half away just to make 9.00 an hour. I do not and have never used a computer and don’t own one and dont have internet at my house my ex wife is typing this.

  2. Charles Walsh says:

    I worked all my life until the point I could no longer walk on my feet. In 2016 I was fired from my job because I couldn’t preform my duties any more.I signed up for Indiana hip program. They immediately got me a doctor, the doctor took an xray and seen the problem my heel bones had been deformed since birth. On top of that both my hands needed trigger finger surgery and carpal tunnel surgery. I chose my heel surgeries first my right first then my left ( letting them know I have a bad reactions to anesthesia). Right foot turned out good. My left foot surgery went ok but I tore and ruptured it in physical therapy . The state of indiana then declared me medically frail and signed me up for disability paying all the cost for everything including lawyers. Meanwhile I went to have my right hand surgery done and stopped breathing on the table during surgery. Now I don’t want to go back to surgery unless absolutely necessary. Then I found out I need a hip replacement soon with bone spurs and arthritis in it. Judge shimer has decided that I somehow am making this pain up based on how good my right foot feels and mentions that and my carpal tunnel as reason for denying me disability the only mention of my left foot was “he had issues” I didn’t sign up for my carpal tunnel or my right foot or my hip my left foot is messed up I can not go up and down stairs as he says I can in his decision
    I worked and paid into this system it’s my money and not his. If I was a drunk or depressed or said I have mental issues I would have no problem getting disability. Very disappointed in judge shimer and his ability looking for any reason to deny me instead of looking at the real issue my left foot. If the state of Indiana says I’m not able to work why does he think I can. I will be appealing this bogus decision.

  3. Jake says:

    I’m unfamiliar with Scott Shimer as a judge, but he represented me as a youthful offender in Alabama when he was a public defender. 21 years later, I’ve since gone on to earn an MBA and am a contributing member of society with a STEM job that I wouldn’t have been eligible for if not for his representation. My path in life could have gone in a vastly different direction. I’ll be forever thankful to him. He might literally have saved my life.

  4. Suzi says:

    I went in front of Judge Shimer on 4/19. He was a very nice and courteous man. He asked me some questions about previous work history. He did ask about the onset date bc I have one date and my attorney changed it.
    He could also tell that I had been crying. It was hard for me to answer some of the questions he asked but he took his time and was very patient. My records show that I am getting progressively worse over the last 6 years that I’ve been waiting for an answer.
    He also said he would have his decision in 60 days, my 60 days is up on Monday. Please pray that everything works as God is willing

  5. Larry Hester says:

    I had my meeting in front of Judge Shimer yesterday, and I will say he is the nicest and fairest ALJ, I had a meeting in front of Judge Kimmelman almost 2 years ago, and she was not as nice as Judge Shimer. I do not know if he will approve me, but my attorney told me I have a very good chance to get approved. I will rate him 5 stars, and recommend him as a very good Judge. He knows the law, and was very helpful with me, because of my severe arthritis that I have.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Judge Shimer is courteous and prepared. If he has concerns about an issue, such as an alleged onset date of disability or about some evidence in the record, he raises his concerns during the hearing to give Claimants an opportunity to explain and to give representatives an opportunity to address his concerns. Unlike other ALJs, he doesn’t sandbag. I may not agree with all his decisions, but I have not found him to respectful, which is not typical.

  7. C. Clemons says:

    Judge shimer was extremely nice when I went to court last August and I thought I would win my case because the advocate told him along with my Drs that I could only work a few hrs a day but would have to sit a lot and lay down due to my back problems. I agreed with that then but apparently he didn’t consider what would happen in the future. Now I’m having lots more issues and can’t handle the 16 hrs I do work per week. I just got my denial letter today and I just want to cry because I don’t know how much longer I will be able to hold out. I just pray he will change his mind when I appeal the decision.

  8. Traci says:

    Judge Shimer heard my case last week. I don’t know the outcome. But, he was very nice and thorough. He was familiar with my case and asked few questions. He left impairment questions to my rep. He was also thorough with the VE, and was sure to gain her agreement that I would not be able to gain or keep a job. I did cry a lot. And he told me to get it together. It wasnt mean though. I just think he wanted me to get through it. All in all, I think Judge Shimer was fair and knowledgeable.

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