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  1. AnonYmous says:

    Zero rating

  2. AnonYmous says:

    Zero stars

  3. AnonYmous says:

    I have been dealing with this guy for OVER FIVE YEARS now and just had my 2nd hearing yesterday. Scott Johnson seems to have something personal against me as he has canceled with less than 24hrs before hearings, he has been unable to keep contact maintained with the vocational expert during my hearings and postponed them further. I had an aneurysm discovered less than a year ago and Scott Johnson told me I haven’t had it long enough for it to be considered a valid health problem. He gaslit my elderly mother and twisted her responses to fit his personal narrative, then blamed her for my initial denial. My doctors, the SS doctors, and independent doctors all agreed on my diagnosis but Scott Johnson said he wasn’t accepting ANY medical evidence from anyone. I guess I missed the part where he went to medical school. This guy has absolutely no business being in a position that can cost people their lives. SS employees like him are the reason the system is beyond repair.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Didn’t even care to use my work history or look at it. Denied me because of my age and just because he can and admittedly is the worst judge in the whole district. Didn’t care to see blatant facts from multiple medical professionals as to why someone is disabled. Very harsh. Limitations are.not a.joke

  5. Samuel Peters says:

    Judge Scott Johnson made a ruling in my case base on related religion. I been before him twice. He asked questions concerning me praying on my knees( its on the record). Also his ruling went against my Drs .who deemed me disabled. Does the working people who become disabled have a chance to obtain the money they put into the system?

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