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  1. Richard says:

    Scott staller looked at my evidence of being raped bashed and left dying and choking on my own blood. While waking to a geder idenity mesure which allowed my petpatrator to go free and left me with no justice.
    Before this I wad disabled at age 18 and later in life began trying to work because people called me lazy. I worked as a singer opping act for Waylyn Jennings and Jessica Colter in 1996…I workef as a sesfood and meat clerk at Meijer for 5 years before that a seafood and meat clerk at D&W Foods…I worked as a janitor for a twelve story building in Grand rapids mi…then I moved too Indiana and workef at Pizza hut for 4 years and tjen in jewelry at Walmart for 5 years.
    Then in 2006 is when I was rsped bashed and left for dead…I now have no cartilege in my nose this has been replaced with titatium metal….I have PTSd severe headachs that last for a month…Supperhigh blood presure anixty attaks…..
    It took me years and severl letters to President Obama…The federal didn’t want me to have a court date….Hoever the Obama administration and the hall of justice sent me Judge Staller from Lousiana.
    I brought my evidence in and asked judge for disability ssi ssd suvivers and retiernment with full medical and 200.00 a month in food. Wonderful Judge Staller granted me all in 2009, fully favoible!
    However by 2010 the Social Security Administration sent me a letter which cut me down too $124.00 per month and paid my years bavk pay at $124.00…I callef the SSA which told me, “We don’t care what the judge rulled for you Richard! This is welfare and this is all you’re going to get!”
    So then in the comming month my father came down with prostate cancer lost his job at Notre dame. Dad and me had just bought a new house these hapoenings caused us to lose our home!
    So again I wrote the Obama administration and they sent me a list of lawyers…I picked kellum and she helped.
    I recieved $back pay at $124.00 a month which was $9,000…So I used this money after my dad recoverd from prostate surgery in dead of winter durring a blizzerd…to pay for my fathers bankduptsy and move us to kalamazoo, mi
    And today I am still being abused by the Socail security administration from Benton Harbor to Kalamazoo trying to cancel my bennifets to taking away my food on thanksgiving day all while my father has cancer again; a huge mass removed which was growing into a kidney he lost …Socail Security Administrion has terrized me so bad that I have recently been dignosed with a bad heart.
    You see SSA is refussing to give me my survivers INS…while claiming I wasn’t disabled at 18…..

  2. Stephen Wilson says:

    Judge Staller seemed to be very fair. He seemed very intent on what I had to say which was appreciated by me. My hearing was on July 10, 2017 and I’m still waiting a decision. I haven’t worked in over 3 years and frankly I’m in trouble if not approved as my money is just about depleted. I’m hoping and praying a positive decision comes soon. I know in my heart i need this and I told the truth about my condition. I trust he will make the right decision.


    Very sad that my sons case was denied
    I can not understand it
    This govrrnment is so wasteful and yet we cannot take care of own .

  4. Richard Manning says:

    Very Fair

  5. Anonymous says:

    still waiting on my decision since 6-17-16

  6. Anonymous says:

    i had a hearing 6-13-16 with judge staller
    although i didn’t get a decision yet i think he was very fair, listened to what i was saying.

  7. Richard Manning says:

    I would just like to say that Judge Scott M Staller was very nice to me and listen to everything I had to say. I didn’t get a decisions yet, but thats ok I no i went in there and told the truth about my condition and now it’s in Gods hands.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Waste of time.. unless you have a lawyer…social security pays such lawyers a small fee and award your case JUST so they DONT have to pay so much back pay..its a corrupt racket!

  9. Anonymous says:

    Know it all! Makes decisions without all medical records…cocky ,doesn’t care or listen. Just because he s a judge doesn’t make him any more human than anyone else!! Some of us don’t have the money to have a EASY government job…if we did no one would need social security!

  10. Average claimant says:

    He is awesome! That is all!

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