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  1. Rachael says:

    Approved my claim at the hearing. I’ve been diagnosed with paranoid Schizophrenia including multiple incarcerations. I couldn’t hold down a job for more than a month. Thank you Judge Massengill

  2. Gee says:

    Unethical judge. He ran to New Jersey after helping his wife’s company Corvel get a contract with the State agency that he served as Attorney General (Maryland Uninsured Employer Fund) in Towson. Je helped rid a black company to get the favor with his friend Michael Burns former Maryland delegate. Burns settled with the Maryland ethics committee but nobody connected Massengils wife as senior leader of Corvel

  3. Carmen M Lewis says:

    Commenting again because he is NO 5 star Judge. One is more than enough.

  4. Carmen M Lewis says:

    Judge Massengill is either willfully ignorant or malicious, and neither can be tolerated. I look forward to sharing the facts of my own case with the public. Just about anyone with two ears to hear and a modicum of decency in their bones would have approved my disability assistance. Especially when told, during the worst episode of inflation in my lifetime, and a once in a generation pandemic occurring during my recovery from Stage 3 breast cancer, that I am also facing potential homelessness without disability assistance. This financial assistance is one I’ve paid in to since I was 14! This dystopian nightmare, capitalist hellscape is an absolute cancer. And anyone protecting, encouraging, or engaging in the active oppression of others DESERVES TO BE NAMED.

    We’ll let a jury of Americans far and wide decide just how fair this judge is. Looking at the numbers above I’m betting on myself. Excuse me while I gather the receipts.

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  5. SPLC says:

    Very nice judge. Does not ask for opening or closing but will allow for it. Has rep ask all the questions initially. Again, very respectful to both rep and client.

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