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  1. Michelle says:

    He was very patient and kind I had my hearing sept 13th 2016 and I’m still waiting for a decision about my case so hopefully soon I can get a decision and move on with my Life

  2. Jessica lebok says:

    My judge seemed very good to me. He read my case and medical evidence, and without a lawyer helped me know what kind of questions to ask. I live in pain daily (fibromyalgia, degeneritive disc disease, sciatica, bulging and herniated discs and shoulder pain) and have debilitating anxiety and depression as well as adhd & PTSD. He understands me it seems. He saw how I was in the court room having to stand up constantly and move around and he was very understanding. He had me sign a new medical release and also gave me a fax number to get some paperwotk and information they felt would help my case since it was not inckuded in my file.I really appreciated his kindness as well as his helpfulness. I am still waiting on a decision but I just wanted to write a review on how nice, helpful, and understanding of my conditions at my age, judge Canfield is.

  3. John Charles Logan, Ph.D says:

    I found Judge Canfield to be very personable, my hearing was April 19, 2013. My legs and feet are getting worse, (Arthritis) my right foot swells when I drive and I’m in pain all the time. At times it feel’s like it’s spreading through out my whole body (chest and arms). I’m being treaded at the VA Dayton Hospital, (steroid shot) right knee only. The shot only last for a few days and then the pain come’s back.

    I am mailing treatment information to the Judges office on my last treatment. Now that I know the average waiting period, I won’t check on my claim anymore. I’ll just wait until the court makes it’s decision.

    Thank you in advance,

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