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  1. Michael Devincent says:

    Judge Sean Teehan, Well I drove my niece from Metro West area because she can not drive on her Medications partly due to her Documented PTSD And ANXIETY ISSUES, I also attended for , Emotional support for her.
    This man screams out for a sensitivity class, were ishis human decent??

  2. Anonymous says:

    So i guess you have to be half
    Dead to get ssdi money you
    Worked for all your life.
    Whats he trying to save the
    Government your money.
    Teehan is a disgrace i have a
    Legitamite disablitity . dont be
    Fooled by the man behind the mask.
    90 minutes with this *****.
    Third party was asked about
    My capability to work and they
    Said unemployable. Now what
    The **** am i going to do
    Have some compassion judge
    We all werent lucky enough like
    You to go to law school. And look
    Down your nose at all the injured
    Physically or mentally peasants
    As long as you can sleep at night.
    Good luck everyone with all these
    Mass liberal judge. Thats another
    Thing as soon as they find out
    Your a veteran red flag hes
    A conservative. Denie his claim.
    Dont believe it dosent happen
    Think again. Just to stick it right up
    Your ***.

  3. June cathian Rosa says:

    I too was before judge teehan and he is a bully, he intimidates you rolls his eyes at you pretty much makes you feel like a liar as soon as you sit down. He cherry picks info just to deny you.he made a huge mistake on my case saying I’m a substancabuser never! I am not taking this one but! He has a problem I’m not going away till he fix that asap!

  4. Laura says:

    Going into my husband’s hearing with Judge Teehan we were very nervous. We had heard so many bad things about him and how harsh he was. Boy were we wrong!! He listened to the Medical Expert and that was it, hearing was over. He didn’t even ask the VE any questions. My husband’s case was found fully favorable less than a month later! If you have all your medical records and have a legit disability, then there is no reason why a Judge would deny you. Judge Teehan was very fair and understanding. And I’m not just saying this because my husband was approved. he really listens and as long as you have done everything you are supposed to, then there is no reason to fear him. He even thanked my Husband at the end for his service.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I was told judge Teehan was going to be hard and ruthless. He seemed kind to me. I just worry that I didn’t give all my answers with full explanation s or if I even gave all of the important information out of anxiety. I wish I could have had a video hearing. It would have been easier and less stress! This is a life changing decision. Now I will panicked until I get the decision because the percentage is so low to be approved. I really hope they have to really see the medic impairments and not just denied because of a wrong answer. These hearings are frightening as it is. Well, wish me luck please.God bless all of you!

  6. Lil says:

    Judge Teehan heard my case late 2013. During this hearing Judge Teehan misstated dates as well as the Vocational Specialist’s answers, insinuated that I lied about my limitations, was 1.5 hours late hearing my case and offered no explanation or apology for keeping me waiting and then questioned me for approximately 90 minutes. During this questioning Judge Teehan acted as if he were prosecuting me with his condescending tone and excessive questioning. When we left the hearing, my attorney apologized to me for having to go through this hearing that she described as cruel. She stated that Judge Teehan is a nightmare and his excessive questioning was unfair.
    If I was younger with little medical evidence, then questioning for 90 minutes might have been warranted, however, I am 58 years old, had worked since I was12 years old and never collected welfare or unemployment. I have had several MRI’s showing severe back arthritis, moderate canal stenosis, moderate neuro foraminal stenosis, 4 circumferential bulging discs with protrusion into nerves, etc. I have been under the care of a surgeon from MGH and a physiotherapist since late 2010 for my back problems and have had several injections to alleviate the pain and discomfort and unfortunately , nothing has helped. The surgeon at MGH told me that I had so many problems with my back that with surgery I have a 50/50 chance of feeling 30 percent better. These odds aren’t worth the risks from surgery and I will have to survive through pain management, injections, PT, medication, etc. Because I can no longer work and was denied SSI, I have had deplete my 401k and all my savings to survive the past 4 years and recently had to move in with a relative because I can no longer afford to pay rent.
    I have appealed to the SSI Council and will take my case to Federal Court if need be. Additionally, I am lodging a complaint against Judge Teehan for his excessive questioning, his accusation that I signed a document in 2012 stating I wasn’t disabled which I never signed and his blatant biased behavior.

    Judge Teehan is a disgrace and detriment to the SSI disability program and should be reprimanded and removed from his role as a judge based on his biased and disgraceful behavior towards SSI disability applicants. All the SSI Council needs to do is to listen to the tape of my hearing to validate Judge Teehan’s misconduct and if has hasn’t already, will become their “worst nightmare” if he remains an SSI judge.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I was before him recently. I had the impression that he did not approach my case objectively, but was looking for a justification to deny it.
    When he asked the employment specialist if I was capable of certain work requirements, he misstated what I had told him – under oath – and what was in my medical record.

    I’ve been told by two lawyers, unconnected with each other, that Teehan has the reputation of being harsh and biased. Why have his approvals dropped so dramatically in the last two years? Look at the statistics below.

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