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  1. Katrice Bryson says:

    We need to all be in together and try to see how we can make complaints against discharge I had to auto immune diseases I just recently had a court hearing again he’s going to try to say that I’m lying about how far I can walk because of the fact that I talk to different people over the phone that has nothing to do with my disability he got upset because the first medical expert confirm my diagnosis the second one complain about not having adequate medical recordsWhich is his responsibility to subpoena those records

  2. Mary says:

    This judge has repeatedly put my brother under unnecessary stress. He suffers from a Spine disease, 4 times he’s been denied. Each time the judge had a different “medical expert”. The expert does not have the medical expertise as the spinal doctors. It’s as if they never read the material supplied by the professionial medical doctors. In fact, it appears as if they are paid to assist this guy with his denials. Shame on them and him too for not listening and being quick to decide. Sounds to me as if he has a “deny” quota to meet. I wish I knew where to report him for his incompetence in handling the case. Absolutely no human element and does not truly listen or look to the facts.

  3. Sukey says:

    Abandon all hope all ye who enter Grossman’s court room. He derails hearings, disregards medical information from both private and SSDI medical experts (he completely disregarded any medical information showing I’m visually impaired), and I believe he does this with intent to hurt people because he smiles through it all saying he’s trying to determine if he’s being lied to. Clearly he thinks most who come before him are lying and trying to game a system which is against us to begin with. He approves less than 30% and dismisses or denies between 70% and 75% of the cases that come before him.

  4. Jeff Willson says:

    how can this guy be allowed to continue when his extremely low approval rate clearly show he has a bias against claimants. This is so sad.

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