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  1. Curtis Stevenson says:

    Shane McGovern needs to be fired. And any of the other people involved in denying this ridiculous obvious disability. After 3 professional orthopedic doctors have verified my sister Robyn Stevenson is disabled what gives Shane or any others working in this field the qualifications to over ride their diagnosis. I have watched this shit show for over two years now and trust me when I say MY SISTER IS DISABLED. And in trouble of being able to take care of herself. She wouldn’t be applying for social security benefits, that she’s paid into for 40 years, if she wasn’t. She’s in constant pain. She can’t work. She can’t find a job with the idiotic restrictions. If it wasn’t for me you’d have another homeless person on the streets. But I guess that’s why you deny 78% of applicants and wonder why. I’d love to see 78% of people working stop paying into this. And this is probably the reason we can’t find a phone number for any of these judges or people within the appeals council. I find it hard to believe some can live with themselves in this occupation. One can only hope that there might be karma one day. This system is antique and needs to be overhauled. People are dieing. Again.

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