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  1. Anonymous says:

    My advice to those who have this corrupt and woke judge, YOU MUST TRY TO GET A FAVORABLE DECISION THE FIRST TIME, if she gives you an unfavorable decision, unless you have a super strong chance to get her decision overturn by either the AC or federal court, (which it will almost never happen with cases that have RFC arguments;) RE-APPLY! Do NOT try to get your cases remanded back to this judge, SHE HATES GETTING REMANDED! Chances are you will still get another denial, no matter how strong your case is! My case that was remanded back to her by the FEDERAL COURT, (out of anger and frustration for getting remanded) she retaliated in denied me again! She may been an excellent and caring judge but NOT ANYMORE! From 2021 up to this year 2024 she has a record of high denial rates! Attorneys and claimants BEWARE!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Correction: 2022 46% approvals to 53% denials! COMPLETE opposite when i saw her back in 2019! Shes indeed has gone VERY CORRUPT! These judges still live in the dark ages thinking that mental illnesses are not disabilities! The errors within her decision are worst than i thought and anticipated according to my other lawyer, and one of them is that she has used her OWN LAY OPINIONS, and not according to the rules and laws of the SSA, (and that is not the only serious error) this may be serious enough to get her asinine decision overturned even by the appeals council. “judge Allard; You have shown no compassion to me nor other claimants that are in dire need of SSI/SSDI, but i have a big news flash for you and every other corrupt, unfair, bias and denial orientated judges out there; GOD WILL NOT SHOW COMPASSION TO ANY OF YOU! Neither in this life nor in the next, and ESPECIALLY in the next!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Yes, judge Allard may have been excellent and caring but not anymore!! 2022: 41% approvals to 49% denials! I have received a completely unreasonable denial from her AGAIN! And this time its far more unreasonable! The same ol cherry picking tactics with no articulation and explanations, NONE whatsoever, and this was a remand case by the Federal Court! She was thought to consider the Neurophysicological evaluation, but she didnt, she just only READ them, she shown no consideration at all! Instead she cherry picked and misinterpreted everything within the records! My lawyer said that theres so many errors in her decision so this time theres a chance that she will get overturned! She had become stubborn, and mean and thinks shes knows better than my doctors! Judge Allard; PREPARE TO GET OVERTUNRED! And guess what YOU WILL BE SEVERELY JUDGED MY THE ALMIGHTY GOD, just because you are a judge does not mean that you will not receive judgement yourself! Prepare yourself to suffer the wrath of GOD, the one and true fair judge!

  4. Esther says:

    Judge Allard is an excellent and very caring judge. I had the pleasure to be assigned to her for my disability hearing. She was very compassionate towards my case. I was represented by a lawyer, but she asked me questions directly, which I answered with the truth and to the best of my ability. Even though I was very nervous, she made me feel comfortable and allowed me the appropriate time to answer her questions. I am very glad I got her and very glad she approved my case as she understood my current situation and for that I’m grateful. Thank you, Judge Allard!

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