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  1. Bianca says:

    Just had my hearing with Judge Madsen today. She is very thorough and excellent at asking all possible questions. She seems conservative in her findings, I did not get the impression she took excruciating pain very seriously nor chronic fatigue syndrome as her hypotheticals all included 6-8 hours of sitting which I cannot see myself do. However, she did ask all possible questions and wants to get a good idea of what’s going on. I went without a lawyer and was extremely well prepared, I don’t think it mattered if I would have had an attorney. Curious what the outcome will be, am cautiously optimistic but will adjust review when decision comes in (if that’s possible). Her approval ratings make me nervous, without knowing those I would have thought to likely have won based on the continuous “no jobs” from VE in her responses.

  2. None comment says:

    I just had a hearing with judge madden just recently and my case was denied even though my doctor signed off on my disability. I guess have 6 screws n your neck does not qualify you to be disabled. My attorney was shocked that we lost. If my hearing was in San Jose I would hav been award on this case. Now my attorney appealing this case.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Judge Madsen will be pleasant enough at the hearings. She use to be a decision writer. Her life experiences do not make for a sympathic judge. She has no feel for what people are saying nor does it seem to register that some people may be in real pain. I many times wonder why bother having a hearing with her. Her approval ratings are dismal. She interprets the medical evidence in a harsh light and adverse to the claimant. Even if she approves someone she then amends the onset date to a later date for not real strong reasons. You will leave the hearing thinking she is a nice judge, sympathetic and she will be fair. That has not been my experience at all. I have been in front of her over 25 times.

  4. plm says:

    went to court on the 17th of april and had this judge she was very kind and seemed to really care. i have been having anxiety on this hearing it’s been a emotional rode but it wasn’t so bad thanks to her thank you for that

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