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  1. Corey Perry says:

    Good Morning Judge Shirley Ann M, It’s 4-7-0221
    It’s Corey E. Perry, Well Ma’am I Just Woke Up Next To My Disability Decision And Its Hurting Me Right Now To The Core Of My Stomach Knowing This Wasn’t Your” Decision Unfavorable” On Date 4- 17 -2021 When My Lawyer Ms Samantha And I Were On The Phone With You Ma’am, I Was Giving From You Judge Shirley Ann M, A Whole Bunch Of False Hope On 4-17-2021 Why Me? God Child…🤔 And May The Rest Of Your Day Be Bless Judge Shirley Ann M,😊

  2. Corey Perry says:

    To: My Judge Ms Shirley Ann M, Well. Ma’am I Received My Decision Today Concerning My Disability Decision And I was Denied Judge Shirley Ann M, When You Told Us Me And My Lawyer And My Lawyer Ms Samantha, That I Was approved On 4-17-2021 Judge Ms Shirley Ann M, I Was Schedule To Have My First Court Date Set Was Back Then On 4- 20 2019 And My Second Date Was
    Supposed To Be Set For 5-7-2020 I Did Received Two Court Dates With My Judge Ms Shirley Ann M, Back Then In Those Two Years Of My Life I Was Sitting Around Waiting So Long To Settle My Disability Case My Case With You Ma’am, And Now Me And My Lawyer Just Don’t Understand Why A Godly Woman Like You Could Just Turn Your Head On Me Just Like That Ma’am, 🤧 SMH, Some Time’s I Sit And I Think To Myself When I Know That Every One Knows What’s Going On In My Life Right Now But” Judge Shirley Ann M, Remember Ma’am We All God People, Now I See Way It’s So Hard For People Like “Senator Cheney” And Others Out There Thats Out There Making Better Decision And Difference’s In This Real World And In This Crazy Democracy Ma’am, It’s Not About Me, It’s About Good Teaches Like Me, And The Brother I Once Had But In Spirit I Still Have Ma’am. And God The Only One Who Could Take That From Me… Lol And I Still Love you Ask The Judge You Are..😇 Ma’am.

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