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  1. Anonymous says:

    No, I did not forget to rate him. He deserves a “0” rating. Judge Mcdonnell should be removed immediately! He denied my appeal for disability, but only after deciding to completely ignore the report of the disability doctor who saw me and admitted I was unable to work and instead chose a to ask another disability doctor, who might I add had never seen me or evaluated me, to perjure himself by stating that I was able to work to the same exact extent from before my condition appeared (both the judge and the doctor are probably paid off by social security to deny people; that’s the only thing I can think of). He then went on to say he denied me by misinterpreting a figurative statement that one of my old quacks of a doctor wrote as literal. I figuratively walked out of his office angry, but I was literally being pushed in a wheelchair. He used that statement to discredit me when I said I could only get around in a wheelchair, which then made him discredit everything else I said, which then made him discredit everything my entire team of doctors has said. It will now be years I don’t have before I can get an appeal to his decision, so this judge has LITERALLY GIVEN ME A DEATH SENTENCE BECAUSE OF HIS OWN GREED, CORRUPTION, AND INCOMPETENCE.

  2. Debbie Thompson says:

    Judge McDonnell was documented to have denied zero cases in 2008, however, he denied mine. He was extremely nasty and cruel, and his contempt toward me was obvious. He went as far as to have the stenographer quit typing, in the middle of the staged hearing, so that he could say to me, in front of my 3 witnesses, and I quote, “Going to Kathy Castor’s office was nothing more than a political stunt.” I had gone to my member of Congress, about the way the Social Security Administration was bullying me, but, what I didn’t get to tell Judge McDonnell (I was so upset, that I broke down in the courtroom, which he seemed to enjoy) was, that I went to Congressman Young, first, since his office was just a few blocks away from my house, and found out that I was not in his district. Judge McDonnell ignored all my documentation, and took great pleasure in making sure that my young daughter and I ended up homeless, while I had a picc line in, for intravenous antibiotics, for late stage Neuroborreliosis, and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. It took 40 years and over 70 doctors, before finally getting a diagnosis. I basically heard “in your head” til I was almost dead. And to add insult to injury, cruel and inhumane denial by him. Thanks to him, my daughter (straight A student, cheerleader) got to spend her seventh grade year in the Salvation Army Emergency Shelter in south St. Pete. I was so relieved to finally get my case in front of a judge (I used to think that judges were impartial…how naive was I?), and thought I would finally get some help. Instead, from all this abuse, my family has been destroyed, and I am left to die, a slow painful death. I’m not going quietly, though. This level of cruelty and corruption must be exposed, before I go. I have nothing left. So, who is REALLY guilty of pulling a “political stunt”, Judge McDonnell????

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