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  1. Wendell A. Grubbs says:

    Ms. Foster decided to rule unfavorable on my case. Readers might think this review is bias because of that ruling, but I need to clarify what you are up against with this particular judge. I have a neurosurgeon that is ready to pull four bones out of my neck and replace them with bones of dead humans and steel rods to hold them in place. The burning and numbness in my arms and hands is almost unbearable at times. I am also facing a knee replacement in the near future due to degeneration. This judge sorted through stacks of reports only to pick out two that fit her narrative to deny my case. She chose to deny me because there was ONE instance recorded at my knee physical therapy when I was observed to be walking without a limp. She also chose another denial based on my statement that physical therapy provided some relief at times. The findings of this particular judge are as follows: In order for you to be a candidate for disability, you are not permitted to have a good day. You are not permitted to ever walk without a limp and you are certainly not allowed to have any pain relief. If Ms. Foster is chosen to be your judge, I urge you or your counsel to be aware that she will pick out any single promising fact in your medical history and use it to deny your case. You will be denied by this judge and you will be forced to start over again from day one.

  2. V. D. says:

    I felt judge Foster listened to me. I was nervous and insecure about my case as I didn’t have an attorney. I have an orphan disease that has impacted my life in many significant ways. I didn’t feel rushed when I had my hearing. Judge Foster was complimentary and I left believing she was going to do whatever she could to help me. It’s been a few months and I’m awaiting her decision. I feel she was moved by my testimony. I was comfortable sharing my testimony I’m her court. I am confident she will be fair and reasonable when she makes her decision. I left feeling good about the way my hearing went and I’m thankful she was the judge assigned to me.
    Now I wait.

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