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  1. Art says:

    I agree with one of the comments, this judge do not have a clue about mental health. She denied my case, I have had Covid twice and mental health treatments for almost two years post Covid.
    Thank You very much for making my New Year’s Eve such a cruel day by receiving the unfavorable decision.in the mail today.
    Judge Zimmerman,
    I’m going to prove you that I do have mental health issues post Covid. Your life will have bloody hands, I will prove you that I do have mental disability….
    Have a wonderful life ,

  2. LoryLory says:

    In my case, the judge says that I can work with my arthritis in my spine, of course, if she receives a check sitting in her office drinking coffee, she doesn’t care about the condition of others

  3. Bryce Young says:

    I agree with my fellow veteran Sean’s statement my case very similar. The employment specialist even stated no jobs available for my condition. But according to Ms. Zimmerman I should find a lighter duty job. Doing what selling flowers? I was a machinist how can I support my family with the low paying job plus my conditions state no prolong standing sitting. I don’t know but I am appealing…thanks Ms.Zimmerman for prolonging my misery and pain. I don’t get disability from the VA and homeless. Guess have to be resourceful…I hate being resourceful but cops need work too.

  4. Natalie says:

    Judge made an unfavorable decision on my case. From reading her decision, it is apparent that she is clueless of the severity of pain a person with genetic trait such as HSP can experience; unlike ‘normal’ people, HSPs feel physical and emotional pain in a more pronounced way due to their high sensitivity. What seems ‘mild’ in her opinion can apply to ‘normal’ non-HSP person but not to an HSP. She did not take into consideration the fact that highly sensitive people have a unique genetic trait and when an HSP is in physical pain, they experience suffering in a body which is stronger an non-HSP.

  5. Eric Star says:

    Judge Stacy Zimmerman
    I haven’t received decision yet but the hearing she was very professional. I didn’t attend the court personally because of the COVID-19. I did my case teleconference over the phone. She was very understandable and running my case perfectly. I am sure she is will make a fair decision. I have asthma, bronsit, obesity, sleep apnea, chest pain, tiredness, allergies, hopefully she will approve me. Whatever decision she makes, I feel like hear. I will update my case results soon as available.

  6. Ludvika says:

    Judge is conservative and denies anyone that is a latino or LGBT! Typical racist OC attitude. Avoid OC racist social security office.

  7. Sean says:

    This judge is a liberal feminist with absolutely zero sympathy for Veterans I am a 100 percent service connected combat war veteran with mental and physical injuries sustained from my time in Iraq. I have major depressive disorder, anxiety, ptsd, depression and a whole list of other serious debilitating issues. You think a judge would be sympathetic to this but no. She denied my appeal and my last shot at getting disability. And they wonder why 24 veterans a day commit suicide. She is a coward with no heart. If you find yourself in the unfortunate position with her as your judge, be forewarned. She will deny you benefits and make your suffering permanent. She should be locked up for treason. I have no respect for her and I hope she get’s what she deserves which is everlasting suffering in hell!

  8. Latasha Williams says:

    I really want to thank judge Zimmerman for approving me for my ssdi approval Iam so happy now I can buy what I need for myself so I don’t have to worry any more I was so relieved when the person that worked for her called me yesterday and told me that my judge approved me for my ssdi my heart nearly stop it was beating very fast bc I was very nervous about it and now I get to buy whatever I need that’s important to me so thank u very much for making my life more easier I couldn’t be more happier

  9. Michael Wooll says:

    Judge Stacy Zimmerman.
    I haven’t received a decision yet but at the hearing she seemed informed and caring and intelligent…and above all seemed like she cared…so hoping for the best I’m getting worse every month and truly need my benefits asap…thank you..
    M Wooll

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