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  1. Anonymous says:

    I came before magistrate Katich in 2016, my case is pretty complex however I do use both a cane and a walker. I use the cane mostly just around home but the walker for longer distances or when I will need to be standing longer. I also have bladder incontinence, interstitial cystitis, severe migraines, insomnia, depression, ddd. carpal tunnel, ulcers, chiari malformation, dizzy spells, fibromyalgia, IBS, asthma, copd, and hyper-mobility syndrome and those were just the ones they knew about when I went before her at that time. Now the career lady on the phone said with the cane even I would not be able to do an any of my past jobs and that add in the time I would miss from the frequency and strength of my migraines or the number of bathroom breaks I require and that my health issues would make me unable to get or maintain employment. Well they had just found a new issue on an mri and were sending me to a neurosurgeon for a consultation on it to determine if it was repairable or not, however when I went to the appointment they took my insurance card and when they ran it, it turned out there was an issue with my insurance and it had to be rescheduled. I felt like the hearing went well, but then I got my decision in the mail and it stated that I was denied. However, it said I met all the criteria and was considered disabled under the guidelines but was denied for missing that appointment. I did not miss it, I went but there was a mess up with my insurance but either way, that extra issue does not change the fact that I already met the guidelines and requirements. Of course the attorney I had for that case was in a different state and did not return any of my calls in time to file the appeal on that so I had to start over from scratch so I just got a new attorney and made sure it was a local one this time so if they don’t return calls I can drive to their office if need be. But be warned, she is very friendly and seems caring in the hearing but she apparently prides herself on the fact that she has the lowest approval rating in the state of Indiana. Since my last hearing they have found out my other issues are from the fact that I have both Ehlers Danlos Syndrome and Common Variable Immune Deficiency, so this time should be pretty cut and dry I would hope. I am hoping it does not even have to go to hearing level, but if it does I pray I do not get her again because I could be in a hospital bed on life support and still get denied under this judge I believe. I have lost 70% range of motion in my right arm from the EDS and can not even wash or brush my own hair without help and I have to get IVIG treatments at the hospital every 3 weeks just to have some type of immune system since my body does not generate one on its own. All I can say is if you get her, good luck…

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