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  1. Tonya says:

    I went before Judge Martz in late July 2015. My application was filed in 2012. My injury was 10,10,10. Due to the incompetence of my attorney asking for contuences and the judge wanting more appointments it is now late March 2016. I am homeless and without a penny. They know this. This is only making my condition worse.The vocational representative that was at my hearing states there is no job I could do with my limitations. I fired my attorney but was told He had to submit it. He hasn’t. But wait ” He works for me” Apparently not. Where do we go for help.

  2. Cynthia Nelson says:

    I feel very blessed that my SSD case was in Judge Martz’s courtroom. Judge Martz was very professional and thorough as well as personable while making me feel comfortable in an unfamiliar setting especially since I did not have an attorney representing me. Although I have not received an approval or denial of my claim I have the upmost respect for the manner in which she conducted my hearing.
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  3. Anonymous says:

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