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  1. Anonymous says:

    This dude single-handedly ruined my life. If you are young or female, you’re screwed. I can only pray my decision gets remanded and I never get him as my judge again.

  2. Jenae elliott humphries says:

    I made it to 5 to 7 years tpd what benfits am I entilyied to . and I was kidnapped by lvmpd Correctional facility while tpd and set up against my will how do I get u help . I believe its called staged murder that the complex I live at has .

  3. Donna Murphy says:

    My daughter and I did not have the same experience as others. We did not have a lawyer. Yes, he is very stern. However, you have to remember this man has been doing this forever, and he has seen it all and heard it all. He asked my daughter good questions. He ordered a phsyc exam due to inconsistent diagnoses from my daughter’s doctors. We walked away feeling that although he is stern, he will be fair.

  4. Anonymous says:

    This judge was not concerned about my last jobs as much as my past jobs & was more concerned about the vocational persons coughing & needing a cough drop & what kind of cough drops he had, then listening to me. He asked stupid questions & just because I was not on a bunch of pain meds, made a decision. I think he had already made up his mind & he wasted my time because he never looked at me while I was talking, just watched the screen sipping on his drink. These judges act like it is their personal money, but I wonder how much extra they get when they deny people who are in need of this money that they worked hard for. This judge was real rude, gave no weight to the social security doctors findings, this is the doctor who found all the additional things. I think that we should have to hold a hearing to see if these judges get paid, this judge doesn’t need to be appointed back to this counsel, because he has no compassion to anyone in these proceedings. He has denied, more people then he has approved. His court manner -100 & his question asking -1,000. He needs to be replaced with judges who have actually looked at the whole record & not just take bits & pieces. I pray that he will not have my case again, since he denied it & it is back in the appeals. If he is the judge I will quickly send something to the counsel to have another judge, this one is not fair, impartial or reads the records.

  5. Anonymous says:

    This judge will create lies, give little weight to your medical doctors opinions, to find you unfavorable. Its shame that these ALJ judges are allowed to conduct themselves like this and it is of no consequence. God Bless America and please rectify and justify our Social Security disability systems.

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