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  1. Melissa Flannery says:

    Not sure how but I wpuld like to add comments facts actually that I was too wore out to add by the end of my 1 and a half hoir interview with this judge. How do I go about that? Anyone?

  2. Anonymous says:

    I just posted a review for Mr. Hanekamp but forgot to give the star rating. It only lets you select up to 5 but Mr. Hanekamp deserves way more than 5 stars!!!!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    ALJ Hanekamp was the judge during my hearing for disability. There are many positive words I could use to describe Mr. Hanekamp but I’ll just keep it simple and use one (amazing). Mr. Hanekamp made you feel very comfortable during the hearing. He is a very understanding judge and can see the truth. Be honest and Mr. Hanekamp can see that. He is a very knowledgeable ALJ. He did not down play anything that I am struggling with. He sees that a person of any age can be disabled and does not judge you based on your age but judge’s based on your condition. He is a very fair judge and a very good person!!!! I am blessed to have had mr. hanekamp as my alj during my hearing.

  4. Anonymous says:

    My hearing was held today. I’m very thankful for having Judge Hanekamp. I do not have my decision yet, however I could not have asked for a better Judge. He knew my medical history and was very understanding of the pain I was in during the hearing. This Judge is compassionate and does not belittle the individual. Prayerfully I am approved, but even if I’m not, I stand by my comments regarding Judge Hanekamp. Thank you to everyone who left a review, the comments really helped me before my hearing.

  5. MikeAdams says:

    I was fortunate to have Judge Stephen M Hanekamp. The short story was I travelled about 1.5 hours to the hearing and was feeling very poorly due to the ride. I then stepped off the curb wrong trying get past the crosswalk light and my back and legs really started hurting severely. I was just absolutely miserable.I them meet my attorney for the first time after working with a group out of St louis for 2.5 years I was assigned an attorney from Indiana and did not find out until just a few days prior to the hearing who was actually representing me. I was nervous and miserable to say the least, after such a long wait for the hearing I had to go through the hearing. That’s where Judge Hanekamp showed great professionalism and empathy for folks in poor health really showed through. I was setting there trying to pay attention to the proceedings and really could not focus due to the pain. I needed to stand up due to severe back spasms and was afraid to at first. I did not want to disrespect his court. Finally I asked my attorney and she said to get relief, it only took a couple minutes to ease it enough to allow me to refocus on what was truly the most important day in my life for a very long time. I am thankful he did not perceive it wrong and allowed me that small break. He demonstrated a fair and balanced approach to his job and takes it serious. I am thankful for men like Judge Hanakamp

  6. Tanja morgan says:

    I love this guy, He is a great guy he’s easy going and very understanding I worked, with him for many years and you can’t beat him. Because he’s overall best.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Wonderful judge. Don’t have a decision, of course if denied I will be somewhat angry as would anyone. But, I can’t ask for a more level playing field than with this judge. He goes by the book, but makes people comfortable. I hope he serves for many years to come.

    This judge does not seem to be doing this for the paycheck, but for the greater good……

    I stand by these words even if I get a denial.

  8. Christine Mitchell says:

    I just had my case heard last week and it went really well. Judge Hanekamp was very sympathetic to my diagnosis and very respectful to not only me but also to my lawyer. He knew that I had trouble with my heath and gave me extra time to answer his questions. I couldn’t have asked for a better Judge. Even though I haven’t heard his decision just yet, I still had a very positive experience. There should be more like him around.

  9. Amy Willis says:

    Judge Hanekamp was very pleasant and attentive to my issues!!! I could not have asked for a better Judge to handle my case!!! Very nice and professional!!! I still dont know my judgement yet but either way I had a very positive experience with Judge Hanekamp!!!

  10. Anonymous says:

    ALJ Hanekamp is one of the most pleasant judges to work with. He knows his stuff, he has a good sense of humor and a nice disposition. He is considerate and understanding towards claimants and he treats reps very well. We need more like him!

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