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  1. Unsatisfied abused says:

    This Judge while appearing pleasant in court mis read 2 question on the paper work and accused me twice of lying and drug seeking even tho he had medical proof from doctors in front of him. He asked me questions totally unrelated to my disabilities and even my Lawyer Kelling Jennings turned on me as well and asked me if all i did was sit and eat all day as i have gained a great deal of weight do to the medications i was forced to take. It was a horribl biased experienced. Completely unfair. My witness was denied to testify in my behalf. I have NEVER been examined by a SSI doctor or psychiatrist ever. They ignored Ive been applying for 7 years and they want to pay me back pay for 2. Completely unprofessional and inappropriate behavior. They should both be disbarred.

  2. Clever Name says:

    This guy is a class-A douchebag, pure and simple. Ignores evidence and biased. Acts respectful in person, but his opinions on paper regarding case and character were absurd. Blatantly ignored evidence and brought in other issues from outside the case timeline that had nothing to do with the claim, I don’t even think that is legal. The occupational specialist even admitted that my “time off task”, at the very least, would prevent me from holding substantial gainful employment.

    I thought he seemed pretty nice and respectful at the hearing, but after reading his denial letter, I not only felt insulted, but infuriated at the lack of respect this guy exudes in his “observations”. Although I was extremely nervous at the hearing, I was open, honest and forthcoming and never once tried to exaggerate my symptoms, condition or story. This guy not only denied me in the face of solid evidence, but also had the nerve to question my integrity.

    This talking suit is a slimeball. Probably couldn’t hack it as a real judge, so now hes a SJA ,skrewing people out of their much needed (and paid-into) disability benefits. I wish I could give him negative-stars. He has a reputation. If you get this guy, I feel for you and you might as well get your appeals counsel paperwork ready. Good luck.

  3. Sharen Dimase says:

    To Judge Stephen Marchioro:
    He was very respectful at the hearing and the hearing went good with the career counselor. When reading my denial of papers sent to me 2 months later, there seemed to be confusion about my certain medical conditions. The Judge did use certain terms that were incorrect while making his decisions. A little bias to his outlook that did not make sense when the hearing was different then the letter and facts sent to me.
    The Judge was nice in the court room but did get some of the information mixed up which hurt me and with his decision of this case. These facts were not correct and some of my new medical information is submitted.
    There should be a better outlook about me as the Judge made decisions based upon some wrong outlook as compared to the actual situations.
    Very disappointed in his viewpoint as a hard worker in the working world for over 15 years providing healthcare and caring about people. This needs to be addressed as the information was not correct to make a decision about, nor was the newer medical information finished.

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