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  1. Dave says:

    I’ll take 4 stars off my previous statement!
    Well he failed me with having a lawyer. Even with all the testimony from my personal doctors. Also with the 5 years worth of deteriorating of my physical and mental health. So because I’m able to walk, talk, drive, and surf the internet with an iPad. That I’m able to FULLY work. Even said “although you have all these conditions and testimonies. I don’t see why any of it stop you from work!”
    Just because I look perfectly find on the outside doesn’t mean that I’m fully working on the inside! Especially right after getting denied my wife left me and wants a divorce. And now I’m about to be homeless. And just two days ago I got into a wreck and lost my car. FML

  2. Dave Cummings says:

    I’ve had the opportunity to have two hearings with this judge. Each hearing was very stressful for myself. Though I do realize that the judge and others involved in disability hearings. Are strict to every aspect in the case they are dealing with. Fairlness is what I assume that all judges have to face. To treat people that are involved with these types of hearing equally and no favoritism. Though I’ve been patiently waiting for his decision on my particular case. I m sure whatever the outcome is judge fairly and reasonably. Though my future right now is at the hands of this judge. I appreciated his time and patience throughout both my hearings. And everyone that was there as well.

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