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  1. Judge Lynch is an Autism spectrum, incompetent, moral degenerate like so many others in the Oregon State Bar Association. He is certainly an Inbred, mentally retarded moral degenerates who is also an illiterate anti-intellectual and abject moron of the sort to consult astrology, and whores for advice.

    Dr. Hagen’s book “Whores of the Court” doesn’t go far enough to describe the criminal Fraud perpetuated by genetically brain diseased and abortion schedule individuals like Judge Lynch.

    He was lost in his mentally retarded fantasy the entire time he reviewed the facts of my case.

    Only inbred, human garbage, of the sort that depends from KKK trash-families so often found in the United States and Oregon give me cause to want to leave the USA for France. I am sure the USA will soon experience a Second Civil War or lose the Third Nuclear War when over a hundred million of the absolutely stupid, moronic, shit-for-brains people in the US like Judge Lynch manage to do well on standardized tests and so become authorities.

    In this God forsaken America since 1947 and the Neo-Nazi ape rats Klan litter like Judge Lynch took over as the establishment in all government branches these same lead/mercury brain fucking retards (amoral imbeciles) like people with surgical lobotomies only for them its natural due to poor breeding, because their MOMS got the particulate lead and mercury from the fossil fuels into their wombs and so turned their brains to shit.

  2. Eatenbycoyotes says:

    Not sure why I put my faith in him being fair or honest. No attorney, I was disconnected so I didnt get to hear any of the hearing when he called back finally he said the expert had no jobs for me, I asked him if he’d like to talk to the care giver my witness, he sid no. And with that I thought he had all he needed. No I think they got someone else’s reports in there. I’m gong to write him because that was cour from outer space. Oh also SS only had half my wages in the system. You know how many people they RIP off this way. I think they need an audit. On a major level. I have more than enough credits the people are criminal and will stop at nothing to keep you out of your own money so you cant get better or at least not die. They want you to to die. I’ll change this if or when they at least try to be fair. Tell me to go to their doctors then not except their report or that of the doctor ohp sends me to. Send you to SS attorneys. Who do absolutely nothing adds and who pays them. You see why we don’t get anywhere

  3. Anonymous says:

    I am leaving this review without even knowing the outcome of my hearing. I think that it is important to just be honest with your answers and to make sure that you tell him all of the details of your claim. He listened, asked appropriate questions to me, my attorney, the Medical experts and the Vocational expert, and he was honorable and fair. He is not new to this and you can tell that he has many years of experience and knowledge. I have nothing negative to say about Judge Lynch.

  4. Karen Foster says:

    Judge Lynch is a honorable judge. You simply have to be honest about your disabilities (if they are truly disabling). He doesn’t pull any punches, is fair and very professional.

    If you’re going before Judge Lynch, just be sure to that you are honest.

  5. Mary Chablis Hillaire says:

    This judge is an absolute joke, the first thing he did was make fun of my name. Then because I went to college and graduated he said I couldnt possibly be disabled,let me tell you that is far from the truth.

    The list of my disabilities are long: epilespy with a vp shunt, hydracephalus of the corpus collusum, juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthrits, fibromyalgia, myositis,cognitive disorder,dysthmic disorder, depression, and PTSD.

    I honestly wouldnt even give him one star if I didn’t have to. Judge Steve Lynch was incredibly unprofessional, he may have thought he was being funny and making light of this situation but this is my life and it is not a joke.

    Regardless of what Judge Steve Lynch believes I am disabled and will forever be disabled, just because I followed through on one of my dreams to get my college degree after being told that I wouldn’t survive past the age of 10 years old, doesn’t mean that I am any less disabled than I was before.

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