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  1. Anon to protect from retaliation says:

    this judge needs to be investigated thoroughly. Verbally abusive in his decisions. Makes medical diagnosis he’s not qualified to make. Purposely ignores and throws out any supporting evidence and manipulates the rest to be unsupportive. Waits to give out decisions almost a year in order to wait out any opportunity to have his decision overturned by running out the clock. There is a reason SSA doesn’t keep demographics information on who is approved and denied. otherwise this judge wouldn’t have a job and ssa would constantly be slapped with discrimination lawsuits. If you are a minority of any kind, do your best to change judges.

  2. Sarah wood says:

    He was so angry when he began the hearing and so rushed it lasted less than 20 minutes
    I have severe epilepsy and brain damage I got confused about time frame he asked and changed my answer and he raged asked, “so you’re a liar?” Then he ended the hearing and awarded me 435.00 to survive a month. He doesn’t care

  3. Lisa Dunnihoo says:

    I have a hearing by telephone today and just got a new phone number I have no way to contact him to let him know my new number all of the numbers on the paperwork take me in circles and I spell out his name to leave a message but it will not bring him up by name! Anyone have any contact info on him or a way to get a message to him?

  4. Lenore Carfora-Nye says:

    My husband finally had his hearing today and found Judge De Monbreum to be extremely fair, compassionate, and understanding. We are very pleased with the outcome.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Hearing was an hour late. There was no place to rest and I had to lie on the floor in the waiting room trying to help my pain. Very embarrassing. Finally get in to the hearing and he was very rude. I didn’t want to be rude asking for a break because he was already way behind schedule, and there was nowhere to lie down anyway. I couldn’t bare everyone watching me trying to get down and back up off of the floor. Was hard enough to do it in front of my lawyer.. When he asked me how I planned to make it through the hour long hearing I went blank. What are you supposed to do? I knew for the next two days this would take its toll on me, was already holding back tears, and all I could think about was getting out to the van to lie down. I mean what else can you do other than push though It? This SS office provided no place to take a break, and the few chairs they did have were hard and extremely uncomfortable. I’m pretty sure these judges are so overworked, and see so many people. They probably stop caring at a certain point. That’s sure how it feels anyway.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I have asked my wife to post this comment….. I found Judge De Monbreum to very pleasant and reasonable in proceeding over my case. He took the time to ask many questions and listened to what was part of my case. Now the vocation rehab testimony was not very knowledge in my work history. She stated I could be a Manger which is not at all probable, due to the fact that if a person does not show up to work I would have to cover for them and do their job! and that would require me to do past my limitations… so it is not probable for me to do a job like that….I have tried to find employment previous to filing and no one would hire me due to all my limitations… So I hope that Judge De Monbreum see that in this case. Other than that I feel good about this judge – fair and understanding.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I recently went in front of Judge De Monbreum and was granted an Approval on my case. He was NOT at all Rude as previously stated. My case was heard & denied by another Judge sometime ago, so I appealed that decision and Won the appeal. Next, my case came back for review in front of Judge De Monbreum, who actually took the time & looked at ALL of my Medical History after my surgeries, which the other Judge did NOT do. He made the right decision, which should have been done the first time, but it was well worth the wait! Thanks

  8. Anonymous says:

    Appeared before him in a video hearing. Fair, reasoned, great judge. Allowed me to question claimant about possibly damaging information in some of the medical reports. Absolutely no complaints about Judge DeMonbreum; would like more ALJs to be as balanced and fair as he is and to run their hearings as well as he does his.

  9. Anonymous says:

    He was very rude to me and had me in tears worse than my disability. I have worked all my life and deserve my benefits. I honestly felt I was at a trial for committing a crime. It was the worse experience of my life. Where is our justice system? Very shameful.

  10. Anonymous says:

    I found Judge De Monbreum very rude and inconsiderate. He actually made the remark that I was morbidly obese (I am obese but not morbidly so) and if I lost weight all of my aches and pains would go away. Thanks, “dr.” De Monbreum for letting me know that Fibromyalgia, Rheumatoid arthritis, Stenosis, and chronic shingles are all caused by my weight! A weight, I might add, I have been at for the past 15 years ( 5’3″”, 191 lbs)….

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