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  1. Tc says:

    Its so sad you work every day never gets sick then the unexpected happen I been working at the age of 16 teen I didnt ask for what happened to me now when I need help I cant get it I had two knees replacement its has been almost 2 years still cant walk having alot of pain but the only things they are worry about is what jobs you can do what about your disability the judge was wrong in my case im going to lose everything and be on the st. Just dont know what Im going to do I been fighting for 3yrs. Just to get deny

  2. Ross Hall says:

    I had my hearing a few months ago and Judge Collins was very nice and did a good job at making it as comfortable for me as possible. I suffer from severe anxiety, agoraphobia, and depression. I think that he did not understand what I was trying to communicate and disregarded the opinions of my doctors. In his opinion he declined to comment on my non medical provider reference’s opinion. I’m sure he did the best that he could but I disagree with his decision and question the results for others who experience similar disabilities and go before him.

  3. The Real Stephen Profitt says:

    This is the real Stephen Profitt, someone posted on here last year and this year under mine and my partners name Sondra. This is someone that Sondra and I know and posted one here like they were me and Sondra. They were mad that I did not make my social security check and felt like I was unfairly treated by this judge. First of all, this judge is NOT a racist or some awful thing like that. The judge was very nice and friendly to me. I am not going to lie, I am disappointed that I did not make my social security and I DO feel like the judge made the wrong decision by turning me down. I had and have right now, a really strong case for social security and I think I deserve to get it especially at my age as I am in my 50’s with many health problems. However I do not condone people calling this judge foul language names and saying he is a racist and all that. Like I said the judge was nice to me and friendly, I think he decided wrong and misjudged my situation. However to call him names and say false things about him, I am against that. This is the real Stephen Profitt and this is the real review of judge Steven Collins.

  4. Sondra Campbell says:

    Real POS , I agree with Stephen Profittt who wrote on here earlier. This judge is definitely biased against anyone who is not white. The dishonorable Steven Collins, if you get this judge you are screwed, I would ask for another judge before it’s too late. Even if you are white you will get a raw deal from this so called judge.

  5. Stephen Profitt says:

    If you are assigned this judge i would ask your lawyer to get a different judge. Even though the vocational expert told this “judge” two different times that there were no jobs available for me, he still ruled against me. I believe he is racist and very unfair. I would ask for a different judge.

  6. Augustus says:

    Judge Collins was over my case. He was very nice and explained everything to me.
    I have depression and anxiety. My mind goes blank when I start feeling anxiety but he was very nice to me.

  7. Sheila says:

    I went before this Judge yesterday. I was very nervous and he was very calming & kind. He explained the process to me and I felt like he was really weighing the evidence and had no preconceived ideas. Win or lose, I feel I was treated fairly.

  8. jessica says:

    I had this judge last month…. I have really bad panic attacks and hate being around people… He explained the whole process to me an was very sincere… Felt very comfortable for once.. Still waiting for my results… But either way… Great judge.

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