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  1. walter says:

    I am still floored that judge Slahta denied my SSDI claim over 6 months ago, first of all if you re reading this I assume you filled for SSDI and doing research if there is three things i could pass on to you it would be 1. most ppl on the internet say if it takes a long time after your hearing to hear about your judge ruled on you, you most likely won that was not my case it took almost 6 months to learn that the judge turned me down 2, my lawyer my cardiologist and my primary care doctor all said i would have no problem getting put on disabilty, now my lawyer said nothing is guaranteed but i was almost for sure going to win my case as she put it you never know how the judge will rule but i had a really strong case and should win no problem, so just because ppl that should know what they are talking about say something in your favor the only opinion is what the judge thinks if the judge is having a bad day you will lose your case! 3, they always give you a chance to talk during your hearing towards the end of it take advantage of that i feel like i didnt take full advantage of that time. and a 4th thing I was sent to a SSDI doctor and when I got there they said I didnt have an appointment so I had to call someone at SSDI to give me an appointment luckly I had the appointment letter with me so the doctors ppl said they would try to work me in after about 2 hours after my appointment time i was seen by the doctor for all of three minutes half of which the doctor complainded about her pay she got from SSDI appointments in the the letter from the judge he talked on and on about how my 3 minute appointment the doctor did not find cause for me to be put on SSDI the judge never once in his final report mentioned my Cardiologist of over a year or my primary care doctor who i had seen at that point for over 10 years both wrote letters of support to get on SSDI so long story short SSDI doctors are jokes. Im a gulf war veteran and I feel completely abandoned and betrayed by my country and mostly by this judge Slahta

  2. Walter says:

    This judge has caused me many of sleepless nights like tonight he denied my case even though I had a recommendation from a cardiologist and a primary care provider to go on ssdi I’m an Iraq war veteran and I basically have gulf war syndrome I have seizure like activity that comes on with no warning that is the biggest problem I have the doctor took away my drivers license I’m probably going to end up losing my home cause he denied me, he was nice at the hearing but in the end he denied me I got a vib he just don’t like veterans hope you have better luck with him

  3. Julie says:

    I have not had you for a Judge but I am rating you for those who have. How do I request you for a Judge because I am suffering from PTSD and BI-Polar disorder, if I get a bad Judge, it won’t be good. I can not go back to work because I will probably hurt someone and if I am forced to stay home because of the denial from a Judge then I would be depressed enough to hurt myself. Do you know how bad I feel not being able to buy my children stuff because I am in pain and mentally can’t work, I feel like a crappy parent, my children need shoes and I can not afford to even buy them. Then I wait all the time to see a Judge, and I do have the worst luck humanly possible,so I will get the Judge who hates life, disabled people, and mentally ill people. Now my children get to go without even longer because of someone elses poor and unfair decision. Please tell all of us who truly can’t work and need this money desperately, how to request you for our Judge. Thank you for caring and listening!

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