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  1. Anonymous says:

    i suffer from seizures and depression and biopular just had a heartattack from all the stress but was not approve for ssi i worked and put money in ssi so really they not giving me nothing i put this money in here for this reason and now i can”t get whats mine i do not understand what is the point of taking out of ssi if you can”t get back whats yours how can they just keep your money that should be against the law i only want whats mine.

  2. tim a says:

    I had judge templin, He listen and talked. real easy going made it easy for me to understand. I thank him for the time he took with my case.

  3. DENIS CASEY says:

    I have had back surgery bone fusion,deteroration disc,,nerve issues ect and I have had a shoulder replacement ,,,shots ,,steroids,epaderral therapy about 6 months worth,,have been in the trades and construction and never ever had a pencil pushing job,,i live w/pain and I was denied,,im 53 white,,,and have a good mind and can speak well,,not so much on spelling,, lol ,i guess I don’t fit the requirements of being disabled,,,,,,there is no way I can climb squat kneel bend push pull reach and do all the other things that are expected out of a person in that field of work to do! but they think I still can,there dr, said I was ok ,,all of mine just the opposite,there dr,said I was fine 18 months later im getting a shoulder,,,I JUST DONT UNDERSTAND HOW MUCH MORE I HAVE TO GO THREW TO GET APPROVED,,,,i have always worked and worked hard I have arthritis and its still not enough,,,,WHY?bt I have a friend that’s blind in 1 eye and he gets it? W,T,H, GOOD FOR HIM,,BUT I DONT GET A DIME!

  4. Anonymous says:

    This so call judge acted so sympathetic to me and could clearly see how much pain was in yet he denied me anyway tell me where is the justice. I know people who did not put into the social security as I did yet they are drawing money from ssd.I just do not understand this system.

  5. Anonymous says:

    This so called Judge did,nt look at any of my medical evedence,
    Talking, making commetary while my Attorney asked me and the Experts questions,
    When I gave my ansewers he made comentary over my ansewers,
    He did’nt conduct himself properly, This was not conducted anything like a hearing, Going before him is a complete waist of time,
    I think this Judge has something wrong in head.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Judge Templin you sir have made a huge mistake in the decision in my case. I can only hope and pray that you take more time in your future cases and look at them like you should (more closely) . Don’t rush them and read every thing more closely. Do your Job sir !! May God Bless you in your future . I will continue to pray for your soul even know you messed my life up. May the peace O of God be with you Judge Templin . I love you and forgive you for putting me and my family on The streets of Elgin . I pray for God to forgive your mistakes that you have made. May God awake your soul to your mistakes Love Dan

  7. Anonymous says:

    He made a huge wrong decision in my case. I hope he takes more time and a good look at his cases in the futre

  8. Anonymous says:

    I highly recommend Judge Templin for the federal bench as a U.S. District Court Judge. He is learned in the law and has the judicial temperament to exercise authority and ensure orderly procedure in the courtroom.

    Terry M. Louie

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