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  1. Bernedine Fontenot says:

    I can’t immagine the decision how many decisions you have to make daily.I don’t know what being in your position is like.All i know is that you LISTENED and took took everything said into consideration.All that me and my fience’s been through to get to this point(disability hearing)and scary IT WAS!My fience has been through over a year of strain,disbelief,uncertainty and that no one cared or had any concern about what he was going through medically,financially and mentally.You Listened to him Judge Cravens,and you gave my life relief,i am free from strain for now,it feels like a vacation.My fience’s worked since he was 12 yrs old,all his life until 2012,we have a five yr old.I had to keep things positive.this was a hard thing to do for a year and a half.When your decision was delivered to our home,i could hardly breath with tearsin my eyes for the rest of the evening. i couldn’t stop.We understand the process after recieving your decision.Thank you for listening and asking questions that most wouldn’t even care to ask.Bless you for our family releif.

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