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  1. J.A. Mulholland says:

    ALJ Janney was the worst of the worst. He will cozy up to, pretend he is really concerned. All the while, he is sharpening the blade to move in for the kill and go straight for your jugular. You don’t even know it until over 3 mos later when he gives you a 27 page denial packet. Picking apart everything you discussed, his narrow mind thinks if you can do something one time you can do it daily, weekly, monthly and repetively for a living which is false my over 2000 pages of medical and 6 year battle says otherwise as well as family, friends, and medical providers all agree. This bald numbskull doesn’t see it the same way, he’s why honest people go postal.

  2. Jimmy Davis says:

    I felt judge Janney was fair in his questioning. He seemed fair and just. Thank you for your time sir

  3. Kimberle J Ard says:

    I’ve never felt such compassion and understanding from ANYONE in my life!
    I think I fell in love with the man…
    Stuart Janney…I have a terrible problem with my judgement that you gave me… I have been in the victim of a false cause that the lawyer filled in the Federal Court with me as plaintiff….. they have stolen over $11,000.00 of My Backpay PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE 🙏🏻 LISTEN AND HELP ME PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE

  4. Robbie st.clair says:

    it said if you re apply result will be the same!!!!well maybe this time or next or next ill get a different judge i worked 30 years pay in and this aint going to stop me NEVER

  5. Robbie st.clair says:

    Took my statements and blew them out of proportion to benefit ssa in denial my 30 year work record took a 4 2 inch saplings as a 3 acer clearing with chain saw lol.i swore in to tell the true and thats what I did!!!! and also more assumed i wrote the president never know maybe ill get help

  6. Pamela wilhite says:

    Judge janney was very nice seemed to be concerned about my issues.now just waiting on decision.

  7. Pamela wilhite says:

    Judge janney was very nice seemed to be concerned about my issues.now just waiting on decision.

  8. gerald depriest says:

    be careful of what you say. your opinion may get you a visit from homeland security. thanks for the harassment. I made a post Monday and today homeland shows up. ***? Im not naming anyone, they all ****.

  9. Gerald dePriest says:

    this guy don’t know what the hell he is doing… He is why people go nuts and do things to public places, like shoot at judges. I am in a dire straight and this ******* wants to know if im left or right handed! He never asked if I had been looking for work or how many times had I been denied work.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Conducts a fair hearing.

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