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  1. Amended By Threat says:

    Judge Morehead will rarely award an original onset date (if she even awards benefits at all). A lot of her “fully favorable” decisions are really just the result of her strong-arming the attorney and claimant during the hearing into amending the onset date to a later date, with at least one warning of “you can take it and I’ll issue a favorable decision… or… you can take your chances.” Basically, it’s a threat to either amend the onset date or she’ll issue an unfavorable decision, no doubt reminiscent of her previous role as a prosecutor offering a plea bargain. So if you amend the onset date and she awards benefits on that date, it comes out as a “fully favorable” decision instead of “partially favorable.” Even when the original onset is clearly supported (let’s say, by a failed back surgery) she’ll find a way to weasel out of it and push the onset way down the timeline. So, you can argue with her during a hearing and risk getting an unfavorable decision (and another year or two without getting benefits), or accept a later onset date and try to get your client in pay status. What I’m reporting are merely things I experience on a routine basis with this judge. Social Security doesn’t have to take my word for it, however; they can merely review her decisions and see the pattern. It’s really pathetic how she manipulates claimants with amended onsets.

  2. When I had my hearing before Judge Morehead, she was very nice. I see a lot of negative comments but she treated me fine was pleasant n I had no problem.

  3. kelly j Raymond says:

    Judge Morehead listened to my case in February 2022 and I found her to be polite, direct and respectful. Her job is not an easy one. I just wanted to leave a comment in favor of judge Morehead because I found her to be kind and professional.

  4. Emma says:

    Rude prejudice approve my friend of color and I’m in a million worse shape than her

  5. Anonymous says:

    I had the same kind of problem with judge Johannes. He didn’t allow me to testify on my behalf, had his buddy Nicholas Fidanza testify against me and totally ignored the facts from the doctors that wrote reports in my favor. One of those doctors was one of their own doctors they sent me to for evaluation. These judges are treasonous and deserve the ultimate punishment

    Signe, A victim of judge Johannes

  6. Anonymous says:

    Her record speaks for itself. She is rude and condescending to witnesses and representatives (especially non-attorney reps. She has a clear disdain for non-attorney reps.). She does not rely on the record, does not apply the law to the facts, and allows her personal opinion to govern her decisions, all of which are horrible attributes for any jurist. One fact that needs to be known is that it’s believed that she has ruled against every 100% disabled veteran. From the facts that I have, she has a personal bias against veterans. So, veterans beware!
    If you have a case before AJ Morehead, just remember to prepare the record for an appeal. Also, be prepared to go to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit for a de novo hearing on the record (therefore it is important to have a strong record supporting your case). You will get justice; you’ll just have to be patient and pursue it. Tenacity & perseverance are important attributes for a claimant.
    My client had a case before this AJ. I had to appeal it twice to Falls Church and got it remanded twice. My client received a partial favorable finding after the 1st appeal. Is waiting for a hearing after the 2nd appeal and my client is prepared to take his/her record before the Federal Circuit.
    By the way, be careful about the record. It seems that they try to prevent the recorded record from getting into the hands of the claimants. This is, of course, a failure in due process. My suggestion would be to bring your own Certified Court Stenographer. Do NOT rely on SSA/ODAR’s hearing recording(s). You may not be able to get it in time for an appeal.
    Most attorneys will not protest this process, because practicing before SSA/ODAR) is how they make their living. It is easier to suck-up to the system than to assure their client due process with an accurate hearing record (or a hearing record at all, if they can’t get it). This is part of the problem.

  7. Colleen says:

    First, Id like to say that I would not want to have her job. But she does come off as rude, unsympathetic, and acts like she is better than those around her. Sad…

  8. Anonymous says:

    Hopefully I will run into this ***** one day I will treat her like she treated me and when I’m done I will call a criminal defense attorney

  9. Anonymous says:

    She is rude don’t believe Doctors don’t listen pops and rolls her head

  10. Anonymous says:

    Completely biased, prejudice, and unfair. She is a Judge , not a doctor. She does not believe medical evidence. She should have went to med. school. The fact being, she thinks she knows more than doctors. May The lord have mercy upon her.

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