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  1. Juliana Borgiani Geiger says:

    This judge is inhumane!!!

    After all it’s not the heart or the brain that will kill me, it’s the iliac artery. What are the odds of having 2 DAVFs, a shunt, CMVD, Dysautonomia, PH, FMD… and finally 2 dissected aneurysms in the exterior iliac that created a retrograde dissected aneurysm in the common iliac???

    How can she say I’m exaggerating my symptoms? I don’t wish bad stuff for anyone, but I hope she gets everything I went through to have some empathy. I’m dying… do you think I can sort mails for the rest of my life????

  2. Concerned Citizen says:

    Sujata Rodgers lacks any sort of human empathy or compassion for others. It seemed like she was more interested in asking trick questions based on the assumption you’re lying than out of general concern or curiosity to the case at hand. She cherry picked my medical records in order to deny me benefits without considering all the evidence in it’s entirety. My case was eventually remanded by the federal court and I had a new hearing which thankfully wasn’t presided over by ALJ Rodgers. The ALJ in my case found me disabled and I received a fully favorable decision.

  3. Francis Lagace says:

    Driscoll denied me in the face of overwhelming evidence. He cherry picked and contradicted himself. I can’t believe how cruel these “judges” are.

  4. Latasha Andersen says:

    I haven’t seen Rodgers is person I’m waiting for her to look over my case I’m hoping and praying she take my new Evidence into consideration .. I talked to her workers every other day for a update and the lady is really nice and helpful

  5. Sara says:

    Hello has anyone been before ALJ Sajuta Rodgers and been successful with no lawyer?

  6. Phy Am says:

    God bless Alj SajutaRogers Amen.And my attorney Lorrie Amen.Im blessed they helped me with my ssi claim.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I had my SSI hearing with my attorney Lorie from quick Aid attorney on July 31 2019 and it sounds like base on my medical records and me and my lawyer and the ve test amonies Their were no jobs I can work 40 hours week 8 hours shift,So good luck to me and my attorney just a copy of my meds list she should of had copy just the judge if I forgot name of them all so she had leave my case up to 2 weeks open to get copy of my meds list the alj Sajuta Roger’s then wait for her to send a copy to me and my attorney and just wait on the out come of my hearing with alj Sajuta Rogers.Her question was straight forward questions I was calm and just answer her question when I was ask.Again good luck to me and my attorney who was prepare just she had another hearing before I did add and got alot paperwork and just didn’t have a copy of my meds list which was gonna be avoided the 2 weeks my SSI case still process of apeal been over year already.But it was nice to meet her in person and she didn’t call me much but that one day that if I have transportation to OHO boston I khow were it is.

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