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  1. Randall H says:

    Very fair and its obvious she took her TIME to review my case and issues. There were over 250 pages of medical reports and records. I am glad she was thorough and FAIR.

  2. babyface says:

    she wrtites her premeditated bigot ticket chery picks and calls my docs liers, she wouldnt look at my mri only 4 days after hearing. she the type that kills people with her power denied me with 4 ruptered cervical discs with moderate central narrowing 5 brain tumers that keep having changes migraines i vomit from a torn shoulder, impingment in my hip mental problems from pain that could drive me to drive off a bridge. cruel and unusual judge

  3. peter pan says:

    This judge is hardcore She thinks shes better than everyone else She will lie on your decision letter, To make herself look good. I think its pretty damn bad that a JUDGE has to lie, No respect for a veteran ,the Lawyer or anyone else. This will be appealed again to a higher court and she will look like a fool when it comes back to her. No credit to any of my Doctors She basically called them all liers, Have to give her 1 star Because the is no ZERO.

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