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  1. Surprised says:

    She was nice but she seemed passive aggressive. She did not seem to understand the extent of my issues and kinda joked around too much when I mentioned that I needed assistance with my children at times. It was hard to read her but it was also off putting when she did not let me mention my medications either. She said that alot of people are on medications and work…so lets not go there. I heard she was detailed and through…however in looking at her decision write up she was extremely judgmental and provided very humiliating reasons why she did not find me disabled. She found every one of my doctors not credible because they were military doctors and did not fill out paperwork to deem me unfit for a civilian job. She mentioned that a military job is harder than a civilian so I can adjust to a civilian job just fine. Military doctors and Veterans Affairs Providers are not in the business of telling you that you are unfit for any job whatsoever. They write their assessments and notes. I was stunned at her incompleteness and her lack of knowledge on my medical records. She even said that I never had a back X-ray but claimed back issues…I had an X-ray that was provided as evidence that diagnosed me with scoliosis. She was horrible. She said in her write-up that i was clean and wore accessories. Does that mean that I am devoid of any issues bc I am clean and wanted to wear my beads. I am stunned. Not that she disagreed with me…but that she was extremely judgmental and partially reviewed my records. She even wrote that i barely cried in any of my appointments. Really Judge? Really? It was disgusting. As a matter of fact it was noted many times that I was often tearful at my appointments. I am disappointing in this system and even more frustrated that it as been 5 years and I have already been to Federal Courts. Looks Like I will be going again. Thanks alot Judge Maley.

  2. Steven C. Majors says:

    She has such a sweet spirit. She showed epathy. She asked questions that jogged my brain, but she was fair. She ruled in my favor.

  3. John Wolferman-Rice says:

    I think Judge Maley was excellent. Even though my final decision has not been finished she was very understanding and pleasant. I know that she is thorough and makes her decisions wisely. My hearing was in Feb. and I have heard she made her decision sent it to ODR and was not pleased with there decision so she sent it back to be changed. I have faith that she will come to the right decision on my case.

  4. deidre bryan says:

    I had an ssi disability hearing on June 7 and my anxiety was really kicking in..the judge was very pleasant and not all bossy like some judges..she seemed to really care about the claimant (myself)…she voice made me feel much better…even if I get denied I still think she’s a sweetheart.

  5. withheld says:

    Judge Maley is consistently polite and respectful of even the most difficult, discourteous claimants. She displays compassion and fairness. As an attorney practicing before her, I am more than impressed with her judicial demeanor and wish more judges were like her.

  6. Anonymous says:

    She’s wonderful. I like her a lot. A great addition to the Baltimore Hearing Office.

  7. Anonymous says:

    hilarious. 🙂

  8. Anonymous says:

    ALJ Maley is fabulous!!! She produces well above the average number of decisions, holds thorough hearings, issues well-written decisions, and has very few remands. She is also great fun as a colleague and coworker. She is very serious about her work but has a lovely, bubbly personality and a great sense of humor. Despite the relatively recent tragedy in her life, she remains upbeat and positive. I admire her greatly.

  9. Anonymous says:

    I think the web site is helpful and has provided me with great information as to this ALJ’s behavior. If you are not a fan of the web site a simple solution is not to go view the web site.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Having been in quite a few hearings with Judge Maley, I found her to be whip-smart, efficient, and totally professional. She is also compassionate, fair, and very attractive. LOL. I have heard her thanked and complimented by claimants, attorneys, and experts for the way she presides over hearings. You rock, Judge Maley.

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